Hannen Beith

Sun 18 Oct, 20:10

Not yet Kim,

But it's taken up hours of my time and I still have more protective measures to take.

Just check the name on every package you receive.  If it's not for you, then refuse to accept it.

Sad, as the Charlbury folk have always taken parcels in for others and then often used the forum to figure out who they belonged to.  I'd still accept a delivery if I knew the name of the neighbour, but not if I don't.  Besides in those circumstances the address is always the neighbour's address, not mine.

Really got caught this time, but Vodafone seem to be on the ball and have assured me that I won't have to pay.

Kim Sale
👍 1

Sun 18 Oct, 19:13

So did you get charged for the package Hannen? 

Hannen Beith

Sun 18 Oct, 12:52 (last edited on Sun 18 Oct, 12:53)

Could be Stephen.

Might be worth logging with Action Fraud  -

Only took me a few minutes and you get a Crime Reference Number, just in case.

The number of frauds is increasing more exponentially than Covid, and it may be that Charlbury is a target.  Just speculating.

Thanks to Christine for the advice about Insurance.  I've checked my Home and Contents policy and I and my Wife are covered for ID theft.  Frankly, for a few pennies, I'd recommend it as an add on for anyone. 

stephen cavell
👍 2

Sun 18 Oct, 11:57

Thanks to Hannen for exposing this scam.  Wychwood House, where I live, has 13 flats. We often take in parcels for one another. Several weeks ago some man turned up claiming to come from one of the delivery services saying he had been told by one of his 'delivery mates' he had misdelivered a parcel a few days before to one of the flats. I knew that the person living in that flat had not been there for several weeks. I offered to check the general lobby area and outside the flat door but was told not to bother "it will sort itself out" and he left.  I did wonder a) how the man knew it had been misdelivered if no one had been there to receive in the first place AND b) how it could sort itself out.  It now occurs to me it could have been a similar scam..

Hannen Beith

Sun 18 Oct, 09:02

Thank you John!

John Kearsey
👍 1

Sat 17 Oct, 23:54

This doesn't seem to be your year Hannen...I'll keep an eye out for the plague of locusts over Fiveways!

Hannen Beith
👍 1

Sat 17 Oct, 17:22

Angus, ditto!  Am now on the (free) mailing list.  What a world we live in - some bad people around.  Thanks to Veronica for the heads up anyway.

Thanks Christine, will check my policy.  The Vodafone assistant said that I need to keep my wits about me as sometimes the scammers make a hit several weeks, or even months after the initial "sting".  Not sure I've got any wits left. 

Angus B

Sat 17 Oct, 15:28 (last edited on Sat 17 Oct, 15:29)

I clicked on the link advertised by Veronica and get, "Sorry, File Not Found: 404

"Invalid URL /page/s/which-scam-alerts%C2%A0


I then Googled "Which Scam Alerts" and the correct website came up!

Christine Battersby

Sat 17 Oct, 12:46

Hannen, That's truly awful. 

You might check your home insurance to see if it covers identity fraud. Mine does. If it does, I think you need to phone them a.s.a.p. as who knows what else might be coming down the line.

You will probably need a Crime Reference number. If Action Fraud did not give you one, I suggest you get one for the Vodaphone scam. 

I thought I was knowledgeable about scams -- the one last week that I spotted was from "D.V.L.A." asking me to update my details with regard to my Road Tax.

But I would never have spotted this one! So thanks for sharing.

Veronica Stallwood
👍 2

Sat 17 Oct, 12:27

A few weeks ago someone on the forum recommended signing up for the Which Scam Alert, which I duly did. I've found it informative and useful. So for anyone who missed it first time: ;

And thank you to the person who first mentioned it.  

(I haven't mastered the trick of adding a link: sorry.)

Hannen Beith

Sat 17 Oct, 11:56

Thanks for all your input.

Logged with Action Fraud.  Logged with Vodafone who are investigating.

Lessons learned:  never take delivery of a parcel unless you've checked it has your name on it!

Tim at Cotswold Frames
👍 1

Sat 17 Oct, 11:10 (last edited on Sat 17 Oct, 11:11)

Definitely  contact vodaphone and get them to block the phone from their end ASAP before you end up with a big phone bill 

Hannen Beith

Sat 17 Oct, 10:42

There has been a development.

This morning I received a letter from Vodafone addressed to the individual and confirming "my" new contract with them.  No spend limit!

What to do?

Graham Wisker

Fri 16 Oct, 21:05

In addition, maybe worth contacting your card issurer for a new card & PIN.

Hannen Beith

Fri 16 Oct, 19:39

Reported to Action Fraud.

Hannen Beith

Fri 16 Oct, 19:09 (last edited on Fri 16 Oct, 19:10)

Crikey.  Thanks all.

So what should I do?  Is it worth bothering the Police?

I can't remember who the supplier was!

Graham Wisker

Fri 16 Oct, 18:28

Its one of the best scams ever,  they have stolen your details, ordered stuff on your card as the original data includes your address it has got to be sent there.  You phone up the number which is untraceable and someone collects it. the best way to stop this especially if you havent ordered it is to contact the supplier.

Charlie M

Fri 16 Oct, 18:09

This seems to be rather similar ... and just as dodgy ...

Clive Gibson-Leitch

Fri 16 Oct, 17:01

That sounds incredibly dodgy to me, unless you've only moved into your house recently (he may have lived there previously, and pressed the wrong button on the range of delivery addresses that we have on sites like Amazon - an easy mistake to make!).

Hannen Beith

Fri 16 Oct, 16:51

A funny thing happened to me yesterday.

DPD delivered a package to us and when I looked at the label the address was correct, including the postcode, but the name was not.

The package labelling  stated that it contained a lithium battery.

I phoned the mobile number of the "customer" which was on the package but just got the "number incorrect" message - "please check and try again".

I was going to post here then a man in a top of the range BMW pulled up and said his name was (name on the package) so I handed it to him.

I didn't think to take the reg of the car, which sped off towards Woodstock.

I didn't lose anything, but wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience and whether I should trouble the Police although I don't have much info to give them.

Any ideas/opinions?

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