Sash cramps

Nigel Drinkwater

Sat 17 Oct, 09:55

I have 2 probably 4' long you can borrow (if you bolt 2 together this will produce 1 very long cramp that may help ) 

Simon Fenn
👍 1

Fri 16 Oct, 15:23

It's a large clamp used by carpenters and cabinet makers to hold joints in place while glue sets.  In this case for a ridiculously over-complicated table top...

Jean Adams
👍 3

Thu 15 Oct, 22:16

What is a sash cramp? Can I suggest a session with my chiropractor.? 

Simon Fenn

Thu 15 Oct, 18:01

Does anyone have a couple of 5 foot sash cramps I could borrow for a day or two?

(07828 076358)

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