Charlbury Hedgehogs

Flora Gregory

Tue 8 Jun, 19:21

Frank, I hope that you will have 4 or 5 hedgehogs in your garden again. 

I may be the one making a noise about hedgehogs, but it is down to all of us  to do what we can to help them.  Without hedgehogs we are lesser as a community.  If we say we love them but can't help them thrive what does that mean ? Also they are  an indicative species.   What about all the other species ? 

I've just rescued a hedgehog that got stuck in a garden because someone put a new fence up and it couldn't get back through and to its territory.  Please think about all Charlbury Creatures when you are renovating and making changes. 

Frank Payne

Tue 8 Jun, 18:40

Flora's efforts seem to be paying off! For the first time in several years we have seen hedgehog droppings in our garden in Crawborough. The hogs have been noticeable by their noise in Crawborough late at night as well and I feel encouraged to set up a trail camera again to try and spot them at night. Maybe we will return to the days when we would watch four or five in the garden whilst eating outside in the evening.

Flora Gregory

Mon 7 Jun, 23:11

Thought you might enjoy this, a camera catching a hedgehog in Kirtlington going up a specially made ramp, a part of their Hedgehog Highway

Amazing what can be done.

Flora Gregory

Mon 7 Jun, 23:01 (last edited on Tue 8 Jun, 18:55)

That's great news Helen, especially good that your gardens are interlinked and  hedgehogs are able to get around.  Be interesting to find out if there's more than one hedgehog.   Let's be in touch about that and try and find out, perhaps a camera ? 

The big question remains, how do our hedgehogs get to meet each other in Charlbury. This is breeding season, its a very vulnerable population and we need them to meet. 

If you put up a new fence or gate, think of hedgehogs and put a 13x13 cm hole in it so they can get through. If you need help to make a hole, we have someone who  has kindly offered to do that. A hedgehog can easily get stuck on the wrong side of a new fence. 

I see Eynsham now, as a part of its Nature Recovery Network,  is launching a Hedgehog Highway. 

Also - not having a hole won't deter a rat which will simply climb over your fence, but not having a hole will stop a hedgehog.  

Helen Josephine Wright
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Fri 4 Jun, 18:15

We have at least one large Hedgehog visiting daily in Hughes Close, homes near the lay-by.  Our gardens are linked by small entrances in fences & hedges & have been around over the last 14 years at least.

Flora Gregory
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Fri 4 Jun, 15:31

That's great news thank you John !  

Also, another Hedgehog Alert ! Hundley Way ! Good News ! At least one hedgehog has been spotted. 

Please open up your wildlife friendly gardens and co-ordinate with your neighbours to do the same to support our endangered Charlbury Hedgehogs, provide (preferably) a supply of natural food - slugs, snails, worms etc and access to some fresh water. We need our few hedgehogs to thrive this year and meet each other and have hoglets !  They are teetering on the brink of extinction...

John Partington
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Thu 3 Jun, 06:55

Flora, thank you for your faithfulness in reminding us .. keep it up!

We now have various holes through our fences in this part of the Slade, and more to come.

Flora Gregory
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Wed 2 Jun, 17:36

Hedgehog Alert ! Good News ! 

There are a couple of hedgehogs around the Playing Close, Brown's Lane, Crawborough. Please allow access to your and your neighbours' gardens, wild garden for natural food, a source of water to drink...

Also a couple around Church Lane and area. 

Please think about how they are going to reach each other so there are hoglets ! This is urgent as our Charlbury Hedgehog population is very low indeed, all of us can do something to help them (and ourselves) :-)

Flora Gregory
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Thu 22 Apr, 16:34

Dry weather ! Please put out water for Charlbury Hedgehogs and Other Charlbury Creatures :-)

Flora Gregory
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Mon 29 Mar, 18:29

If anyone sees one of our very rare Charlbury Hedgehogs, please let me know, I will keep mapping them this year. Also I am compiling a Charlbury Hedgehog Gallery, so please do send me your Charlbury Hedgehog Highway photos ! I am reminded that it's strimming time, so please check first for any rare Charlbury Hedgehogs before using those sharp blades. Or just leave the strimmer in the shed, even better :-)

Flora Gregory
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Wed 16 Sep 2020, 18:57

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Farmers Market and sorry we won't be seeing you at the Street Fair. 

The good news is we still have some Charlbury Hedgehogs, but unfortunately we really don't have many, so they are all very precious indeed.  

With the current dry weather please put water and dog or cat food out in your gardens to help them when they might be dehydrated. Also this will help  the vulnerable juveniles put on weight in preparation for the winter as we want them still to be with us next Spring. 

Thank you !

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