Fire at Spelsbury Road Campsite

Hannen Beith
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Sun 20 Sep, 18:24

Potentially very dangerous what with Calor cannisters, children running about, etc.  I'm astonished that there appears to be no regulation/licensing.  

John Kearsey
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Sun 20 Sep, 11:43 (last edited on Sun 20 Sep, 16:28)

Sounds grim indeed

Kim Sale
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Fri 18 Sep, 16:51

Oh goodness! I just read through the reviews and as a fellow camper I am shocked that people are being treated so badly by the management!

Philip Ambrose
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Thu 17 Sep, 20:18 (last edited on Fri 18 Sep, 08:26)

Cotswold View used to be known as Banbury Hill Farm. The Spelsbury Road site ran under another name too. The first fire involved a baler in a field adjacent to what I know as Banbury Hill. The most recent fire was at the Spelsbury Road site.

Due to the similar names, the Chipping Norton fire engine went past the fire at Spelsbury Road site and a fire officer car and another appliance went to Banbury Hill first. Understandable confusion that needs sorting.

The Spelsbury Road fire apparently involved premature disposal of hot ashes from fire pits into waste bins that were rather too close to an artist's workshop.  My farming neighbours have already expressed concern that fire pits are allowed there, unlike Banbury Hill where they are banned.

The Trip Advisor reviews mentioned by Christine make for disturbing reading. wym-1600371086654 

Campsite licences are supposed to have spacing requirements that MUST be adhered to in normal times let alone at the moment. Councillors please take note.

PS-I have just checked out the What 3 Words designation of the location of the most recent fire. You might not believe this but it's FIREWORK.ATTENDING.AWARE !!!

Robin Taylor

Thu 17 Sep, 17:50

This is another fire. There was a fire in the field near Cotswold view about a month ago, you can still see the charred hedgerow. This latest one is at Cotswold caravan and camping, Spelsbury Road.

Claire Wilding

Thu 17 Sep, 17:07

Didn't this happen over a month ago? Or has there been another fire? The report I read was clear that it was NEAR a campsite, rather than in the campsite. 

Amanda Epps
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Thu 17 Sep, 11:13

The incorrect report has been repeated in the Witney Gazette and the Oxford Times.  I feel angry that the Cotswold View site is having its reputation trashed by this careless reporting.

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Thu 17 Sep, 10:08

Yes I can confirm that it was "Cotswold Caravan and Camping" on the B4026 Spelsbury Road that had the fire and not "Cotswold View touring park" on the B4022 as reported in the papers.

Richard Broughton
(site admin)
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Wed 16 Sep, 23:24

Hans, someone by the name of "Fallguyrider" has posted a comment to the Oxford Mail correcting the name and location of the fire to the Spelsbury site. Surely there is some reader out there who has first hand knowledge of this and can remove all doubt.

Hans Eriksson

Wed 16 Sep, 22:26

The Oxford mail article mentions Cotswold View Caravan & Camping Site. This I believe is the camp site on the B4022 Enstone Road, and not the Cotswold Caravan and Camping on the B4026 Spelsbury Road. I drove past the latter at 4.30 pm and saw no fire engines.

Hannen Beith

Wed 16 Sep, 19:13

Don't such sites have to undergo a fire risk assessment (like Hotels and Pubs)?

Christine Battersby
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Wed 16 Sep, 15:20

I was interested to read the report of the fire at the Cotswolds Caravan & Camping Site at Spelsbury Road. I had noticed that several (7) recent reviews on Trip Advisor complained about a fire risk -- although they predicted more serious outcomes than seem to have in fact occurred.

This site is not adding to Charlbury's reputation, and I feel sorry for the Cotswold View Caravan Site as the names are so easily confused. The Trip Advisor reviews of the latter are great! 

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