White Rose Leaflet

Christine Battersby

Mon 14 Sep, 20:58

Thank you, Michael.

I think that the leaflet you received must have something to do with the White Rose Project at Oxford University, and I see that one of their student translators went to Munich last week. So perhaps the leaflet was meant for somebody else? 

The link for this event is here: https://whiteroseproject.org/2020/09/09/a-visit-to-munich/

This Oxford project has nothing at all to do with my virtual holiday to Munich: just a strange coincidence ...

Michael Flanagan

Mon 14 Sep, 20:17

The leaflet isn't self-evidently local. It's A5, printed on one side only, with high quality photography and typesetting - and no indication of its origin.

The quotation, and its attribution (to Hans, not the brother/sister combo) is in English. 

Christine Battersby
👍 2

Mon 14 Sep, 14:14

No. But how weird. 

I was on a virtual holiday to Munich this past weekend, and the Scholl brother and sister, and their pamphlets (and their subsequent execution), was the end-point of the study weekend. As far as I know, nobody else from this area was a part of the study weekend! 

Sophie Scholl was spotted dropping the pamphlets into the foyer to Munich University, and the brother and sister were executed by guillotine in 1943. 

If others also received the pamphlet, it would be good to know as the "holiday" (actually, very hard work!) is technically still going on, and I'll leave a comment about this on the relevant website. 

Michael Flanagan

Mon 14 Sep, 08:09

Has anyone else recently had a leaflet through their door with a photo of a white rose and a quotation more or less from the 1940s anti-Nazi leaflets distributed in Germany by Sophie and Hans Scholl?

Does anyone know who's distributing them? 

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