Want to try an e-bike?

Liz Drake
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Tue 15 Sep, 08:49

Agree this was a great day and thanks all! I can report going up Dyers Hill on an e-bike is a doddle! :)

Catherine Ball
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Mon 14 Sep, 08:11

May I just add to Steven’s note to say thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time and enthusiasm to what looked to be an amazing, fun and positive day for so many. And a special thank you to the patient young Dr Bike, who despite being fully booked and working non-stop all day, fit in extra jobs with a smile. I am delighted to have brakes that work effectively and am ready to ride through the next lockdown.

Frances Mortimer
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Sat 12 Sep, 20:08

Thanks Steven, it was great, wasn't it! At least 28 people got to try out an e-bike and many if not most seemed very enthusiastic about the experience. Perhaps we will see some of them gliding (almost) effortlessly up Charlbury's hills in the next months!

Steven Fairhurst Jones
👍 5

Sat 12 Sep, 20:02

A big thank you to Windrush Bike Project, the e-bike owners and everyone else who helped to make this afternoon's event on the school field such a good time! 

It was great to see so many people there, and I think everyone really enjoyed the kids' race and e-bike try-outs. 

James Styring
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Fri 11 Sep, 16:53

Cath (and anyone else needing impromptu bike repairs): Windrush Bike Project's mechanic has solid appointments from 10am - 2.00pm. They said, "One more might tip him over the edge!" So not this time, I'm afraid.

But there's clearly demand for this kind of thing so we could look at booking in another Dr Bike session soon. 

James Styring
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Fri 11 Sep, 15:44

Hannen: as well as giving people the chance to try out e-bikes as a potential personal transport solution, the Town Council is looking at the potential for an e-bike hire scheme in Charlbury. Hookie has one already.

James Styring
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Fri 11 Sep, 15:40

I'll ask Windrush Bike Project, as they are adding half an hour to the e-bikes imagine they can do the same for the bike repairs.

Catherine Ball

Fri 11 Sep, 14:11

Thanks for extending the e-bike trials to accommodate more of us. Any chance more bike tune ups with Dr Bike could be added? It would be hugely appreciated. 

Frances Mortimer

Fri 11 Sep, 09:53

Hi Heather, you need to plug the battery in at home (normal socket) to charge up. They don't charge themselves up yet unfortunately, but they don't take too much power.

The try-out event (tomorrow) was getting full up so we have extended to 3pm to create new slots :) 

Book here: https://bookwhen.com/windrushbikeproject

Hannen Beith

Thu 10 Sep, 12:58

Sounds like a great idea, but can't manage Saturday.

Heather, I agree, price is a concern.

I think they charge themselves?  What would I know?!

Heather Williams
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Thu 10 Sep, 11:32

Do you just charge them up at home.  I can't make it this weekend, but I would be very interested indeed.  Price is a concern, but would be cheaper that the car in the long run.  Thanks.  Looking forward to the feedback.

James Styring

Thu 10 Sep, 09:05

Great to hear, Bridget! Maybe come along if you can this, Saturday 12th September, 1-2.30pm, to Wychwood Paddocks where the Town Council's Environment Working Group plus Windrush Bike Project and Warlands Cycles (Oxford) are demo-ing e-bikes, a few locals (Miles Walkden, Tony & Ann Lloyd, Frances Mortimer) are bringing their own e-bikes to show/for people to try out as well.  

Bridget Tennent
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Tue 8 Sep, 22:17

I am a convert to an e-bike, I live just outside Charlbury (Taston) and use it to bike to Charlbury And Chippy to run errands. It is such a delight. I chose a sit up and beg style - it is a German brand with a Bosch ‘engine’, fantastic easy to change gears and Hydraulic brakes. It’s a Riese Muller Swing II. I really recommend it. I would be happy to demonstrate it too, if anyone was interested. 

Miles Walkden
👍 9

Tue 8 Sep, 21:46

OK, I’ll admit it – I’m no eco warrior! I can’t take any credit for the shutting down of central London to bring attention to the dire ecological situation we are in, but, like most people, I try and do what I can to reduce, re-use and recycle.

One area I was keen to improve was the use of the car for small journeys.  Aside from the obvious environmental issue, we live in a small town and traffic pollution and congestion is a serious problem.

Another big issue for me was that of visibility – we are trying to raise children with the environment in mind, and yet every day they see us jumping into the car for the smallest of trips. What we do is always a bigger message than what we say.

So, I used a regular bike and was fairly good at getting it out… in the summer…and when I wasn’t in a hurry… and if it wasn’t raining…and if it wasn’t too far… We all recognise the excuses.

Furthermore, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but Charlbury is very hilly! It may seem vain or trivial, but turning up sweaty to the pub or a friend’s house is rather unappealing to most people.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. I did some research and found an electric bike that suited my needs both as a fun toy for weekend exploration of the surrounding trails, a great source of exercise (yes, more about that another day) and as my main form of transportation around Charlbury and the surrounding towns. I can honestly say I have never looked back (except on the junction at 5 ways – cars coming from every angle).

My bike is now not only my default mode of transport around town but I find myself thinking up reasons to go out, such is the enjoyment I get from riding. I chose a e-MTB (Mountain Bike) so that I can go off at the weekends and hit the trails, but there are e-bikes for all situations. I highly recommend giving it a try and see how it changes your approach to moving around your environment.

If you are interested in learning more about e-bikes please come on Saturday 12th September, 1-2.30pm to Wychwood Paddocks, where you can have a go – book a slot here - https://bookwhen.com/windrushbikeproject

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