New Pharmacy ownership

Veronica Stallwood
👍 1

Mon 14 Sep, 23:26

A belated welcome, Asim. I went to the pharmacy today with a painful bee sting. You were calm, kind and helpful. Thank you! It's so good to have a proper pharmacy here in Charlbury once more.

Helen Josephine Wright
👍 1

Wed 19 Aug, 21:23

Having just collected another prescription I am very impressed with the extra efficient system in place for locating items plus your lovely welcoming smile Asim. Thank you.

Lee Belcher

Mon 17 Aug, 18:05

Great to have you here Asim.

Elisabeth Partington

Sun 16 Aug, 11:12

Welcome, Asim. Great to have a Pharmacy in town.

Asim Hanif
👍 6

Wed 12 Aug, 23:28

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. 

Yes i hope to do flu jabs this year. The service should be available from next month. depending on the availability of the vaccines. 

Jackie Hague

Wed 12 Aug, 20:09

Welcome to Charlbury, Asim. 

Jody O'Reilly

Wed 12 Aug, 19:27

Welcome Asim, hope you love it here. 😊

Leah Fowler
👍 1

Wed 12 Aug, 10:57

Welcome Asim , we have a tradition of great Pharmacists in Charlbury going way back! 

Susie Finch
(site admin)
👍 1

Wed 12 Aug, 10:48

Welcome to Charlbury Asim!  You will find it very friendly and welcoming.  I’ll be after an article for the  Chronicle for the Winter edition!

merle esson
👍 1

Wed 12 Aug, 10:20

Welcome Asim. We are so fortunate to have a pharmacy. Best wishes to you and for its future. 

Helen Holwill

Wed 12 Aug, 09:47

Welcome to Charlbury!

stephen cavell
👍 3

Wed 12 Aug, 06:58

Welcome Asim - great to know that Charlbury continues to have a Pharmacy and is in experienced hands.

Hannen Beith

Wed 12 Aug, 04:17

Yes, welcome Asim.

I look forward to shopping in your "store".  Will you be giving out the 'flu jabs this year?  Ben did such a wonderful job.

Charlie M
👍 3

Wed 12 Aug, 00:09

Welcome, Asim, and thank you! :-) 

Asim Hanif
👍 25

Tue 11 Aug, 23:54

Hello all, 

I would like to introduce myself as the new owner of the Pharmacy in Charlbury. I have taken over from Co-Op Pharmacy and it is now an independent Pharmacy branded as Averose Pharmacy. 

This is my first pharmacy purchase and i am working as the full time pharmacist. I have been a qualified Pharmacist for over 18 years. I was previously superintendent pharmacist of Berinsfield Pharmacy, a busy healthcentre based Pharmacy in the village of Berinsfield, South Oxfordshire. 

I look forward to providing a caring, efficient and supportive service to the local community and surrounding villages.

Asim Hanif

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