"Have you been involved in a car accident?"

K Harper

Fri 31 Jul, 20:55

I lead them on by saying “ yes, I have had lots of accidents that weren’t my fault; which one in particular are you referring to?”  Doesn’t usually take take long for the call to be disconnected!  Kris

Chris Wastie
👍 2

Fri 31 Jul, 16:49

my favorite responce is when they ask about the accident i say there was a big pile up outside

 my drive `do you want to hear about it? & he says yes ..Well two dogs s*** in the same place   bang the phone goes down  

John Partington
👍 2

Fri 31 Jul, 16:39

I usually say "yes" and get passed up the chain to someone else.  Then after some interesting conversation I either (a) ask whether I can ask them a question and say "Do your neighbours know you tell lies for a living?", or (b) ask if they agree that I can stop the conversation the next time they lie to me .. which very soon happens .. or (c) carry on inventing increasingly outlandish details of the accident until they object, and then I say that if they can lie to me then it's only fair that I can lie to them.

All this presupposes I've got five minutes to waste (otherwise I move straight to (a)), and I like to think it stops them pestering anyone else while I'm talking to them.

Pat Court
👍 4

Fri 31 Jul, 13:57

I always say, oh no, did I have a head injury because I really can't remember it, how awful. Again they hang up !

john h
👍 3

Fri 31 Jul, 13:04

Normally  lead the caller on a bit,  and then comment " oh you mean the one in which I was decapitated " call soon ends.  Does anyone else have a favourite  response?.   John H

Robin Taylor
👍 1

Fri 31 Jul, 11:43

Unfortunately these days, scammers can generate a new telephone number with each call, sometimes even using the number of an innocent party. I recently had a call from an irate gentleman demanding to know which company I represented, because I'd just scam called his wife from my number. I explained about the automatic number generation, and he calmed down, and we ended up having a good moan about scam calls!

Charlie M
👍 1

Fri 31 Jul, 11:32

I got one of these scam calls today, from the following number:


I see that it originated in Jersey. Needless to say, the only information that I supplied them was a torrent of Anglo-Saxon before ending the call. Just wanted to make others aware of the number.

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