Unhygienic incident at Ticknell Piece playpark

Kathy Broughton
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Thu 30 Jul, 18:41

Thank you, Deanna, for being a good citizen. Our own granddaughter  (almost 3) has been using the play area and I have had to speak to some older boys about being more considerate of the little ones on the slide. I guess its up to us to try to maintain the standards we expect others to follow. The new play area is really nice. I hope it stays that way.

Deanna Cutting
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Wed 29 Jul, 21:52

I just want to let parents/carers of small children using the play area at Ticknell Piece know to ensure that the equipment looks clean for your children to use. I know this will be difficult as most of the play items are made from wood, but I am referring specifically to the slide.

I was at the park earlier this evening with my three year old granddaughter, when two young boys came into the park to play, but then decided to sit at the top of the slide & spit down it!  Now, I know " kids will be kids" but in these difficult times, we have to be very vigilant  about hygiene, & I felt people should be made aware that this had happened.

I live next to the park, so when the boys left, I cleaned the slide down with soapy/ bleachy water.

Hopefully this will have been a one off incident, but just in case, please check.

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