Elderly shopping at Waitrose

Christine Battersby

Tue 30 Jun, 11:53

Thanks for the correction about West End. Missed the time restrictions. 

Does anyone know if Welch Way between Costa Coffee and NatWest is now definitely closed, and if it is only at certain hours and/or on certain days? 

I find the Witney Town Website really confusing. There are 2 maps of the road changes, but the maps are too small to read and also do not include a key for the various abbreviations: http://www.witney-tc.gov.uk/news/covid-19-safestart-restrictions-road-change/ 

K Harper

Tue 30 Jun, 09:54 (last edited on Tue 30 Jun, 13:15)

The signs in West End indicate it is only closed between 8pm and 6am. Kris

Christine Battersby

Mon 29 Jun, 20:59

Jean, If you are going into Witney for the first time, watch out or the traffic changes. 

The most obvious is the closure of the High Street between NatWest and the mini-roundabout by Church Green/Corn Street -- now only for taxis, buses and bikes. 

I also think that a closure of Welch Way between Costa Coffee and NatWest has just been introduced.

In addition, West End is closed for 2 weeks for resurfacing (from today). The recommended diversion is via Farmers Close, then turn right by the Council Offices.

Leah Fowler
👍 1

Mon 29 Jun, 19:15 (last edited on Mon 29 Jun, 19:16)

The Co op in Charlbury is now much improved , support your local shops! 

Nikki Rycroft

Mon 29 Jun, 18:28

Hi Jean, for the last month on a Wednesday, I’ve been going to the small Sainsbury’s in Chippy where they have a very good system for elderly and vulnerable. Key workers have priority from 7.30-8, then every Mon/Wed/Fri 8-9 is reserved and always very quiet the 4 times I’ve been. . It’s normally only 2-3 people in the shop at a time and never any queuing . Of course the big supermarkets have more choice but you might want to start with a smaller shop.

Jean Adams

Mon 29 Jun, 18:06

Thank you Shelagh, that is helpful. I had not thought about key workers/vulnerable at the early time. I will go on Wednesday at the early time and assess the situation. It will be my first time shopping.

Shelagh Scott

Mon 29 Jun, 16:01

Jean - we went very early on a Saturday for the first  couple of weeks of lockdown, joining the queue of seniors at 7.15. There were a lot of key workers who had priority so it was quite slow. We then realised that as the numbers would be strictly controlled throughout the day there was really no advantage in getting there that early. We now go in on Saturday mid-morning, and only have to wait for 10 - 15 minutes to enter. We have found that MOST customers are careful and considerate about distancing.

Jean Adams

Mon 29 Jun, 13:48

I understand that the first hour, from 7.30 is for elderly and vulnerable.Does any one have experience of this. I shall be interested to know how it works.

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