Road Markings at Junctions

Andrew Greenfield

Mon 29 Jun, 11:13 (last edited on Mon 29 Jun, 11:15)

I also saw a small black car, possibly a Smart or small Toyota, do the same on Friday and then turn right into the entry just by Greater Hone or possibly the next one, going the wrong way, of course.

Obviously either missed or just ignored the No Entry road signs.

Nick Millea

Mon 29 Jun, 10:26

I stopped someone driving from Hixet Wood up into Sheep Street on Friday - he claimed not to have noticed that it was one-way.

Lynn Gorton
👍 2

Sat 27 Jun, 10:10

I hope they make it really clear that Market St is one way.  Several times during lockdown I've seen it being used as a two-way street.

Liz Leffman
👍 4

Sat 27 Jun, 08:36

Highways have the repainting of lines around the town on their schedule to be done shortly

Mark Sulik
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Fri 26 Jun, 18:09

A recent visitor to Charlbury passed comment on how poor the road markings are at T junctions in the town. Having not noticed this , as aware of the road layout , having done a review- I have to agree. Most of the white lining at T Junctions And Stop lines have almost disappeared. With the concern of speed and road safety in the town , and before more signs are placed , going back to basics should be the first consideration ? 

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