Charlbury scrubbers

Kim Sale

Tue 30 Jun, 22:44

Since my posting Mildmay have managed to source scrubs from For the love of Scrubs group. I wonder if it would be worth your daughter Sue putting in a request on the group board to see if she can source some for the JR. As you rightly say the Oxfordshire crafters for scrubs group has indeed ceased taking requests. I imagine that there are many people out there still making who would be more than happy to pass on their stock.

Rosemary Bennett

Tue 30 Jun, 17:02

Hello Scrubbers - this is a very long shot but.....

I’ve received a parcel full of material - quite a heavy weight cotton, dark blue (with all the trimmings - labels, yarn, ribbon, elastic)  to make eight Isolation ‘thumb’ gowns. The garments are cut out already, with a basic set of sewing instructions. I wasn’t expecting these as I asked for tabards. I can’t make these up as I’m not sufficiently skilled and it needs a different machine to mine (including rolled edges, tight zig-zags/overlocked). I’m looking for a taker if there is anyone, rather than sending the whole lot back just in order for it to be sent out again.

Judy Dod

Sun 28 Jun, 18:37

Sue - could you text me please on 07530 012332? I’m afraid I don’t have a contact number for you. Thanks 

Philip Ambrose
👍 1

Sat 27 Jun, 13:20

That's a very inappropriate term to use to describe these good ladies who have been doing such marvellous work! :-)

sue holiday
👍 1

Sat 27 Jun, 10:59

I am still making scrubs for the JR. Although the Oxfordshire Scrubs Facebook group appears to have ceased making them, my nursing daughter said there is still a shortage of them at the JR, when asked if need for them still exists. She replied saying one student nurse on her ward needed to replace her scrubs urgently after a patient accident soiled her uniform, resulting in being told she would be sent home as no spare, clean scrubs were available. My daughter contacted many other wards to try to source a spare pair of scrubs, and not one ward could or would, as they were so precious to them.  I was told that the scrubs sets I had made were by far more appreciated, and indeed, "pounced upon" by some of her doctor colleagues in need of them, more so than for laundry bags, staff having settled into their laundry regimes weeks ago.

I therefore bought seven more metres of royal blue poly cotton fabric from the sewing shop at Kidlington at £2.99 per metre,  exactly enough to cut out two sets of medium sized scrubs. They are therefore inexpensive to make: £10.50 per set of tunic and trousers, excluding thread and interfacing costs.

Many staff there wear royal blue scrubs, and it seems acceptable to the hospital that the scrubs they wear vary in shades of royal blue, possibly caused by being washed with different soap powders and at varying temperatures.

When I have finished these scrubs and making laundry bags for Charlbury Pre-School and my latest batch of face masks I may make more Mildmay scrubs, so please keep me posted. What colour... green again?

Kim Sale
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Fri 26 Jun, 11:24

Is anyone still sewing hospital scrubs? The little group that I coordinated made about 40 sets, many for Mildmay Hospital in London but also some for local establishments.

The CEO from Mildmay has asked if anyone could make some more?

Please make contact if you might be able to help.


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