Digital Update from the Library Service

Christine Battersby

Fri 22 May, 19:19

I think this might be easier than fiddling with pdfs:

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)

Fri 22 May, 18:41

If you have a PDF, you can actually upload that in the bit that says “Click or drop here to upload images” – it takes PDFs too and they can be clicked to view full-size.

Julie Ward

Fri 22 May, 16:22

Ah, yes, the text is rather small, sorry!  I can't tell how it's going to look "for real" until it's actually available to view on the website.  I don't think I can make the poster any more legible so I will take the text and retype it to be clearer.  This might not happen today...!

Alan F Harrison

Fri 22 May, 13:49

The Digital Update from the Library Service says " please see the poster for the latest information on how to become a member,...." 

Ms Ward - the poster is illegible - here.

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