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Christine Battersby
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Wed 20 May, 11:04

Nikki, my primary problem was with the claim that " £700,000 buys a family-sized cottage with a garden," and this was specifically said of both Bledington and Charlbury. I think that is pretty misleading if potential house-hunters think they can't get a family-sized cottage for considerably less than £500,000.

It's true that Styan Foods is not specifically located in Charlbury in the piece; but I assumed that they must mean the Deli, given that it is said that Charlbury is "where Styan Family Produce has a fine foodie shop." I presumed that they must be thinking of the Deli, but who knows ... I am not, of course, casting doubt on the quality of Styan Foods, but they are based in Evesham and not here.

I am wondering if the online article differs between editions and also from the one printed in the paper, since I find no mention anywhere of Saturday afternoons. 

I see from the bad-tempered comments on the Sunday Times page that people in other places feel very much the same way as me. 

Nikki Rycroft

Tue 19 May, 23:29

I don’t find the « article » seriously misleading at all. It’s only actually a couple of sentences  The initial information provided by Christine Elliott refers to all the «  Best Places to live post Covid19 » not specifically Charlbury. And there is no implication that fine foodie Styan Family Produce own or have anything to do with the Deli. Have a look at their website and you’ll find that they do offer a range of great produce. There are no pictures of Charlbury, and this brief mention is very different from the one printed last year which was very detailed with a photo of Church Street. The only inaccuracy I can see is that collection of Styan produce is on Saturday afternoons not mornings !

Hannen Beith
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Tue 19 May, 13:14

If I recall correctly, the same article was printed last year, but was more accurate.

I wonder if the journalist was just rehashing it to fill column inches.

Just reinforces the old adage "don't believe everything you read in the 'papers". 

Richard Broughton
(site admin)
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Tue 19 May, 12:49

Presumably the author wrote the piece without actually traveling these days. I looks a bit like some of the information was just carelessly scraped from this website. Good thing the writer didn't find the debate page.

Leah Fowler
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Tue 19 May, 12:12

The pictures of 'Park Street ' are Church Street 

Christine Battersby
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Tue 19 May, 12:01

Christine Elliott provided a link to the Sunday Times article on best places to live post-Covid-19. I suppose it's good to be listed, even if the short paragraph is seriously misleading.

We're told that " £700,000 buys a family-sized cottage with a garden" -- well, yes, but there are lots of family cottages for much less money than that! And I think the Sunday Times supposes that Styan Family Produce own the Deli. 

I wonder if their other entries are just as misleading!

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