Thank you to Sherif Akil - free IT support

Paul Butler McLees
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Wed 10 Jun, 17:44

Thank you Sherif for restoring an old DELL and for being so kind, sharing your skills and knowledge and for being a nice bloke. Donation to Thrive done. 

Jane Crawford
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Tue 9 Jun, 16:00 (last edited on Tue 9 Jun, 16:02)

Had further IT issues and took the liberty of calling on Sherif for a second time! 
He was as helpful, patient, knowledgeable and efficient as before.
He took my Mac away for less than 24 hours and from seeing the screen beach ball on a very regular basis, am pleased to report its already a distant memory!
Many thanks and a second donation to Helen & Douglas Hospice by way of gratitude.

Irene Crisp
👍 1

Tue 9 Jun, 09:40

There is no end to the talents of Sherif.

He has breathed new life into my 10 year old desktop computer.  A challenge he took on with a determination to fix it.

A pleasure to meet him.

 Crag will receive a donation from me.

stephen cavell
👍 2

Tue 9 Jun, 07:31 (last edited on Tue 9 Jun, 07:34)

Another gold star for Sharif! My wife's computer was pronounced moribund on Saturday morning - only a back light to the screen with a flickering curser  (not only my language!) - by Sunday morning all of our precious files were up and running again and we won our first game of solitaire! What a pleasant man to meet. Charlbury has real talent. Our chosen charity is the Lawrence Home Nursing.

Sherif Akil
👍 1

Sat 6 Jun, 10:47

Hello Charlbury

It looks like I'm off for another week at this rate. So let me know if anyone else needs a hand. Your charity has been amazing and worth the effort. Very glad and happy with what I've been able to do for so many.

Clive Gibson-Leitch
👍 2

Wed 27 May, 18:03

Having already used Sherif, I knew how good he was, so I set him to work cleaning up my main PC (I have two).  He stripped it, cleaned it all out, reinstalled everything that I'd had on there, put on a very nice Microsoft Office, and presented it all back to me the next day.  It will now last a lot longer than I had been expecting.  Many thanks again, Sherif!

Really, if you have any sort of IT problem, I would take advantage of the fact that Sherif is still offering his services, for free (well, with an optional charitable contribution).

Grahame Ockleston
👍 1

Sat 23 May, 09:24

Thank you for your help with my son’s computer. Contribution made to Marie Curie 

Nicola Turner
👍 1

Sat 23 May, 07:23

Many thanks to Sherif for also sorting out our unusable (now running perectly) laptop. What an absolute star! Contribution to CRAG is on its way 

Frances Bartlett
👍 2

Thu 21 May, 08:49

Huge thanks from us too for the safe retrieval of data and conversion to new drive and then disposal of two 'dead' laptops! We are impressed and grateful in equal measure!

Sherif Akil
👍 4

Wed 20 May, 20:15

Hi Everyone,

Its been a pleasure, helping the community, keeping active and raising funds for charity. Its been great to meet so many nice people (at a distance).

It would appear that I'm going to work on the 1st June. Anyone still needing anything, please let me know. As the advert gets pushed down the list, the mission loses momentum. Is an advert the best way to offer my service?

So, if you're wondering what its all about... here it is again...

If you (or someone you know) would feel less isolated, bored or empowered if you had your computer back up and running, I'm looking to help the Charlbury community by offering free IT support.

Software, hardware maintenance

Backup, recovery of data, safe disposal

Advice on upgrades

General technical help (Anything really)

I'm currently on furlough and live in Charlbury. Free support offered to Charlbury residents only. Email Sherif on or call, text, WhatsApp 07889090904

And yes FREE but please feel free to give to charity (NHS or Charlbury based would be great). I've helped a few people now and have had great outcomes.

Felicity Brooks
👍 1

Sat 16 May, 19:59

Thank you so much for the donations to CRAG and thank you Sherif for such great service

 It is difficult to fundraise at the moment but the need is greater than ever so very much appreciated.

Lucy Robertson
👍 2

Fri 15 May, 19:39 (last edited on Sat 16 May, 15:05)

Sherif very kindly collected my broken laptop last night. He fixed it and returned it this morning! Excellent service. Would highly recommend. Will donate to Charlbury Community Centre give and take. Thank you. 

Liz Leffman
👍 3

Fri 15 May, 17:48

I am doing a lot of online meetings and have been struggling with a rather ancient built in webcam which makes me look like a ghost.  Sherif gave me some excellent advice as to how to improve this.  Thanks for the very quick reply to my e mail, Sherif, and for your generosity in asking us to make donations in return.

Lynn Gorton
👍 3

Fri 15 May, 10:33

Huge thanks to Sherif for his help yesterday.  My old laptop has now been made ready to recycle and I have a new external hard drive into the bargain!  What a genuinely pleasant, knowledgeable chap.  I would highly recommend calling him if you have any IT issues. CRAG have received my donation.

K Harper
👍 2

Thu 14 May, 13:25

Hello, on a similar theme does anyone know anyone who could advise re a printer not printing?  I am fairly sure it has new cartridges in but I don’t want to buy more in case that is not the problem! Thanks in advance, Kris

Vijay Desor
👍 2

Thu 14 May, 12:55

In my boredom, I decided to try and upgrade my laptop and within half an hour, managed to turn it into a fairly large paperweight!!

Heard about Sherif here and made contact. A very nice man who came and collected the laptop and having discussed options, upgraded the operating system the same day and it's working better than it did before.

Can't express my gratitude enough - Sherif is incredibly knowledgeable and generous to offer his services to so many who would be lost without his help.

Thanks Sherif

Tony Morgan
👍 3

Thu 14 May, 11:55

We also used Sherif. Excellent service and good idea to generate funds for local good causes. We will be donating to the Community Centre Give and take scheme.

Helen Price
👍 2

Tue 12 May, 21:54

I would also like to highly recommend Sherif. He helped us get rid of our old computers that had been lying around and transferred all the stuff off them. Thanks Sherif! 

Jane Crawford
👍 2

Mon 11 May, 20:18

I have also had need to contact Sherif, and can echo the comments of the others, he was really professional, thorough and helpful (and patient!).

We felt a contribution to Helen Douglas Hospice appropriate as a token of our gratitude.

Julia Webb
👍 4

Mon 11 May, 15:35

Sherif helped me this morning. Very nice and knowledgeable  chap.

Thank you Sherif - the phone scanning app works great!

Clive Gibson-Leitch
👍 4

Mon 11 May, 14:21

Last week my PC started to play up, and finally died.  Stuck at home, and needing it for work, I got in touch with Sherif, who has an advert on the Charlbury website.  He came round in his car and took the PC away.  He cleaned it out, reinstalled Windows, and fixed some other bugs, then brought it back the next day.  It has worked perfectly ever since.

So, I would heartily recommend that anyone with an IT problem get in touch with Sherif - he obviously knows his stuff, and is a pleasure to work with.

We agreed that a contribution to CRAG would be appropriate.

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