Cursive - handwriting - recognition on iPad/iPad Pro anyone?

Miles Walkden
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Sat 18 Apr, 19:22

Richard, ive not used that before and it works so well! Thanks.

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
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Sat 18 Apr, 18:11

There’s also the new ‘trace a word’ mode on the standard iPhone/iPad keyboard - you put your finger down on the first letter of the word, then move to each of the letters in turn, then lift your finger up at the end. The iPad works out which word it was you were typing. The next most likely candidates are shown above the keyboard in case it guessed wrong. Generally I find it works pretty well and you can “type” quite speedily with it.

Sherif Akil

Sat 18 Apr, 17:27

SwiftKey is a free app that converts the keyboard so you can singled handedly type, especially easy in singled handed mode. Maybe not what you think you need but might be a better solution

Frank Payne

Tue 7 Apr, 11:43

Malcolm, another suggestion for the ipad is 'Notability', from the Apple App store. It is a complete note taking application with very good hand writing recognition, both for English and foreign languages. I've used it in the past to convert handwritten Russian to Cyrillic script with impressive accuracy. It really needs an Apple pencil to be used with the ipad, which adds a lot to the cost, and it needs some time to learn all of its features.

Neil V.

Mon 6 Apr, 23:37

Malcom, if you’re on an iPad, there’s a note taking app called Nebo, which has quite amazing handwriting recognition. You can download from the App Store. I also find the built-in dictation function on the iPad / iOS is pretty magic. Not at all like previous voice recognition software. Doesn’t help if you don’t like hearing your voice though...

Malcolm Blackmore

Mon 6 Apr, 16:27

I'm trying to avoid dictation - it just doesn't work for me. For a start, although I have lost my Canadian accent to most listeners after 50 years in southern England, voice recognition software gets confused by me being unable to decide between British English (i.e southern received pronunciation) and American English so I get very low accuracy, alas. Secondarily, dictation doesn't work for me composing, no idea why, but dry up. Thirdly, I hate hearing my own voice!

Hence thinking of handwriting, it helps me compose.

Paul Taylor
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Mon 6 Apr, 14:53

Voice command is available on some tablets

Malcolm Blackmore

Mon 6 Apr, 14:28

Due to injury I can now only type one handed and am wondering if anyone has been using a tablet for digitising text from handwriting successfully using some sort of stylus? Be much better then pecking with a single paw! How well does it work if so?

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