Yet another Scam

Liz Leffman
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Thu 26 Mar, 16:29 (last edited on Thu 26 Mar, 16:30)

Just to warn you that one of my fellow councillors was contacted at her door the other day by someone who claimed to be from a voluntary group that she had never heard of but was most surprised to learn that apparently this group had been set up by her!! When she told them who she was they went away.  So if anyone comes knocking and you don't know who they are and you haven't asked for support, please be cautious. And if you know of any scams please let me know. County councillors are setting up a new reporting system so that trading standards can be informed and can deal with them

sue holiday
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Thu 26 Mar, 11:38

Here is another: a well-spoken lady saying she was from the Witney branch of Barclays Bank rang me this morning referring to my banking details, most of which were incorrect. When I pointed out to her that her information was not up to scratch she asked me how. Of course I did not tell this cold caller any personal bank details over the phone. I looked up the phone number, 05450757060, which appeared to be based in Turkey, but the usual call centre background noise seemed absent, making the caller appear more credible. Anyone banking with the Witney Barclays branch needs to be vigilant. The number differed from the phone number found on-line for Barclay's Witney branch. I tried to contact the Witney branch on a different phone line to ascertain whether they had tried to contact me, but with no reply.

John Kearsey
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Wed 25 Mar, 22:51

There is another one. An alleged email and/or text from HMRC with a "relieve" payment due to Covid-19.  

Graham Wisker
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Wed 25 Mar, 11:32 (last edited on Wed 25 Mar, 11:33)

Just received an email allegedly from the TV Licencing saying that there is a problem with my DD set up.  I clicked on the senders email address and this came up (  TVLicensing-Directdebit GOV.UK ID:xxxxxxx ) (The Xs are your ID licence number) I have contacted the relevant government depart and it was confirmed as a scam.  I think this will be one of many especially most of us are "Self Isolating" , so just be very wary of such things.  Stay safe all of you

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