A message from the Deli and Cotswold Frames

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Sat 21 Mar, 14:13

We still have toilet paper available for sale at the moment please remember we are Closed on Sundays open till 5pm today

Steven Fairhurst Jones
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Fri 20 Mar, 21:39

The Deli even had half-price pasta when I went in there yesterday. 

Simon Himmens-Warrick
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Fri 20 Mar, 21:23

We're still making bacon too at the Curiosities! We're about to move round the corner from Sheep Street to the Old Bakery. We've bought in a load of pork to cure, lots more ready in the coming weeks... 

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Fri 20 Mar, 18:45

Perhaps the chemist customers  should remember to be 2 mts away from each other they could do with chalk lines on the pavement.

Tony Morgan

Fri 20 Mar, 16:39

Thought the queue along the pavement was for toilet paper at first but realised it was for the chemist

john h
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Fri 20 Mar, 15:22 (last edited on Fri 20 Mar, 16:05)

As the supply of toilet paper has reached a new " bottom" do you think you should frame a roll for posterity Tim??. John Harrison

Dave Oates
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Fri 20 Mar, 14:07

Thanks Tim - great to hear

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Fri 20 Mar, 12:15

Lynn at the Deli has asked me to remind you all that the Deli stocks all your basics like flour, milk eggs and cheese, Cotswold frames has lots of art stuff for the kids as well as traditional games etc to keep them amused over the next few weeks and we have also just taken delivery of a load of TOILET paper as the co-op  never seems to have any so thought I would stock some for a while.

 So please don't forget the other shops in the centre of town we are still here and will remain open for as long as possible.

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