A message from the Deli and Cotswold Frames

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Sat 21 Mar 2020, 14:13

We still have toilet paper available for sale at the moment please remember we are Closed on Sundays open till 5pm today

Steven Fairhurst Jones
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Fri 20 Mar 2020, 21:39

The Deli even had half-price pasta when I went in there yesterday. 

Simon Himmens-Warrick
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Fri 20 Mar 2020, 21:23

We're still making bacon too at the Curiosities! We're about to move round the corner from Sheep Street to the Old Bakery. We've bought in a load of pork to cure, lots more ready in the coming weeks... 

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Fri 20 Mar 2020, 18:45

Perhaps the chemist customers  should remember to be 2 mts away from each other they could do with chalk lines on the pavement.

Tony Morgan

Fri 20 Mar 2020, 16:39

Thought the queue along the pavement was for toilet paper at first but realised it was for the chemist

john h
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Fri 20 Mar 2020, 15:22 (last edited on Fri 20 Mar 2020, 16:05)

As the supply of toilet paper has reached a new " bottom" do you think you should frame a roll for posterity Tim??. John Harrison

Dave Oates
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Fri 20 Mar 2020, 14:07

Thanks Tim - great to hear

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Fri 20 Mar 2020, 12:15 (last edited on Mon 22 Jun 2020, 14:03)

Ok I have edited this thread to give an update just on Cotswold Frames (as I cannot alter the main heading) 

We reopen the shop on Monday 15th June.

We will be operating a maximum two customers in at a time (subject to change)

We have installed an automatic gel hand sanitizer dispenser in the shop lobby and ask that you use this before entering the shop and that you always respect social distancing.

We have also installed a sneeze screen in front of the counter for added safety.

Also as odd as it sounds we ask you look with your eyes and not your hands where possible, but we do have available the petrol station style plastic gloves, should you need to touch an item if you require a closer look or to flip through the cards.

We prefer card payment to be made on purchases don't forget the new limit is £45.00 on contactless payments but will be still accepting good old fashioned cash.

Picture Framing work is by appointment only.

We ask that if you have Picture framing jobs to be brought in that you ring in advance and book an appointment which will be at set hours of the day.

Framing appointments will be after 3pm and must be booked in advance please do not just turn up on the off chance.

For general shop purchases only we are currently looking at 10am - 3pm

At present please note we will not be open on Sundays.

If you are waiting to enter the shop please queue sensibly outside with social distancing operating at all times and note that customers exiting the shop have priority so please take a step back and let them out.

Remember we will be operating two customers in the shop at a time, please wait outside until someone leaves. 

Obviously these rules are subject to change at anytime and we hope to resume near normal business as soon as we are allowed to.

Thank you for your co-operation in these challenging times.

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