Local car wash?

Christine Battersby
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Sun 9 Feb, 17:58

Thanks, Deborah and Hannen for these further suggestions. I did know about the modern slavery issues; but thanks also for the heads-up on that. 

Geoff Belcher
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Sun 9 Feb, 17:45

Cannon Pool brilliant

Hannen Beith

Sun 9 Feb, 09:09

A very good point John, and one I was about to make.  I've just downloaded the app and am impressed.  Thank you.

I recently had my car valeted inside and out at our very own Charlbury Garage, mind you, that was with some other work (MOT, service, bodywork) so I don't know if they do it as a standalone.  Very convenient though.  

I expect they outsource valeting and I don't know to whom or where.  Might be worth a 'phone call.

For an "ordinary" exterior wash I use the Cannon Pool car wash (BP garage just this side of Witney)  I have a Fraser's loyalty card so during the week I can have a Platinum car wash for just £3.99 instead of £7.99.  Then I can pop into Witney to do some shopping.

John Partington
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Sun 9 Feb, 08:35

Don't forget to watch out for exploitation ("modern slavery") at a depressingly large number of hand car-washes. There's an App available that you can use to find the non-exploitative ones.  And there's some further information about the problem in Oxfordshire here.

Deborah Shaw

Sat 8 Feb, 20:15

I’d recommend Premier Valeting, they’re always brilliant. Based at Shipton-on-Cherwell next to Bonhams. http://www.premierautovaleting.co.uk/contact-us.html 

Christine Battersby

Sat 8 Feb, 19:11

Any other recommendations? I presume the recommendation is for Jani's Hand Car Wash, but it has quite mixed reviews. Glad to be told otherwise, of course. 

I'm looking for valeting inside, as well as an outside wash. Both of the places that I have used in the last year have closed. Willing to consider Banbury or north Oxford as well as local places. 

Charlotte Veron

Sat 8 Feb, 17:12

Thank you Richard, it's always very busy there so it must be good. 

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)

Sat 8 Feb, 15:47

Texaco by the north edge of Witney (where the Crawley road comes out) has a mammoth team of enthusiastic washers...

Charlotte Veron

Sat 8 Feb, 14:37

Hi does anyone have a good reeccommendation for a local car wash?

Many thanks 

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