Thank you Richard - so much!

Tim at Cotswold Frames
👍 1

Sat 8 Feb, 09:07

Great to have the forum back on again but one request could we have a link on the main Charlbury info page for the "debate section " preferably  next to both of the Forum links would be great.

Thanks again

James Styring

Wed 5 Feb, 16:07

Yay! Richard for Mayor! Thank you, Richard (and collaborators?).

Helen Wilkinson

Tue 4 Feb, 17:28


Rosemary Bennett

Tue 4 Feb, 08:47

Brilliant to be back on the Forum. Thank you Richard, you do a great job here.

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
👍 5

Mon 3 Feb, 10:55

Thanks for the comments!

Do take a look at the new Liftshare feature too – it’s right there on the top menu. The website’s little contribution to the climate emergency…

John Partington
👍 1

Sun 2 Feb, 17:08

Hear hear.  I retired to Charlbury last October and had been enjoying the town (and learning its quirks) via the Forum for a couple of years before then.

Alex Gerrard

Sat 1 Feb, 20:16

Thank you Richard, we’ve missed the Forum.

John Dora
👍 2

Fri 31 Jan, 22:51

The Forum is back! This is such excellent news. Thank you ever so much Richard and colleagues.

Miles Walkden
👍 1

Fri 31 Jan, 21:13


michele marietta
👍 1

Fri 31 Jan, 21:06

Yay yay yay!! I’m so happy the forum is back! Thank you Richard!

Amanda Epps

Fri 31 Jan, 20:13

Thanks for returning the Forum, Richard.  I have missed all the recommendations from residents.  Although people have used the Adverts to ask for help, the replies have not been available to everyone as they are on the Forum.

Jody O'Reilly
👍 1

Fri 31 Jan, 18:51

Hooray!! Just talking this morning with someone about how much we missed the forum. Thank you Richard. ❤️❤️❤️

Brigid Avison
👍 1

Fri 31 Jan, 18:51

Thank you, Richard, the new rules are not only very clear but also wittily expressed. I'm sure we all hope that your generous restitution of the Forum, with the extra work it involves for you, is rewarded by an observance in word and spirit of the principles of the Forum.

Kate Smith
👍 3

Fri 31 Jan, 16:32

Hear Hear! So happy to see the Forum back up again, Thank you Richard! I'm out of Charlbury quite a lot of the time at the moment and the forum feels like a little life-line that keeps me up to date with what's going on, even if I don't post on it. I've really missed it, and look forward to the stimulating debates on both boards!

Andrew Greenfield
👍 4

Fri 31 Jan, 11:42

I couldn't agree more Liz!

I have really missed the Forum since it disappeared, even though I posted only occasionally, as it was an indispensable source of good information, and the best place to ask questions that might be answered by other posters who knew about things I am ignorant of.

Let's make sure we keep it going now!

Liz Reason
👍 5

Fri 31 Jan, 09:49

There's something about the Forum that feels like the beating heart of Charlbury.  And I hope that the Forum or Debate pages will become the source of constructive discussion around how we can move towards making Charlbury a zero carbon community.

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