Wilderness Festival Local Resident Sunday Day Tickets

James Styring
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Fri 17 May, 21:11

A day ticket is a great idea but as people have said it is still eyewateringly expensive. £220 for a day for a family w two kids. Ouch. I imagine you'd get lifetime membership of Cotswold Wildlife Park for less (it is different kind of wild lifeat Wilderness, I realise). One would think locals could be offered a better deal.

Hans Eriksson
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Fri 17 May, 19:11

Charlotte: Charlbury does suffer some inconvenience because of Wilderness on its door step. Noise and traffic etc. 

May I suggest the following for the Sunday - or Friday, or possibly both, and only for Charlbury residents:

Adults 20 + £ 10

Teenagers 13-19 £ 5

Younger free. Free parking as well, although probably not needed.

That I think would go down a treat and increase the Wilderness local support. 

Christine Battersby

Fri 17 May, 11:37

Katie: it's not an either/or. 

Riverside is great, but a very different kind of event from either Wilderness or Cornbury. And Riverside do have their own stage at Cornbury as well. 

Katie Russell
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Fri 17 May, 11:22

Why not donate the money to Riverside instead and go there for free!

Christine Battersby
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Fri 17 May, 10:50

I suspect these tickets will attract few takers at £75 for an adult & also quite expensive for children, given that they are for Sundays only & that the 4-day tickets for locals were £120. It's also rather difficult to find out from the programme which acts & events are available on the Sunday.

However, it is good that Wilderness is rethinking its policy on 1-day tickets.

Cornbury offers 1-day tickets for all 3 days, typically Adult £85.00 ; Over 70s
£45.00 ; YP (13-16 incl) £45.00 ; Child (3-12 incl) £20.00 [Fridays a bit cheaper]. It's also much easier to see which acts will be on each day. But then Cornbury is a very different kind of music festival from Wilderness ...

Andrew Chapman
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Fri 17 May, 07:58

Last year we were told we couldn't have day tickets because we'd miss out on the 'immersive' experience. Is it less immersive this year? Or was it a typo for 'expensive'? 

stephen cavell
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Fri 17 May, 07:21

Has the word 'lieu' in the phrase 'in lieu of your feedback' been correctly used?  Is this offer 'in place of'' our feedback or 'as a result of our feedback' implying a reward?

Miles Walkden
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Thu 16 May, 22:13 (last edited on Thu 16 May, 22:15)

Am i right in saying these are roughly the prices the whole weekend used to be when the festival started, apart from all kids were free or very cheap? £35 to take a 6 year old up for the day. Not great.

I love having the fesival here. It is a pain, but its only a wknd and it used to be that all the locals went up and had fun. But now the cost is so restrictive that most people (families) i know dont go any more.

Charlotte Wilderness
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Thu 16 May, 07:54 (last edited on Thu 16 May, 13:42)

HI All,

We are happy to announce that this year, in lieu of your feedback and to say thank you for your continued support in allowing us to hold our festival in this beautiful area, we are making available a brand new Sunday Only Day Ticket to the festival. Details as follows:

Adult (18+): £75

Teen (13-17): £60

Junior (6-12): £35

Child (0-5): £5

Tickets available to residents within the postcodes OX7 3** | OX29 9** | OX7 6**

All tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Maximum four adult tickets per household and four teen, junior or child tickets per adult.

Available from Tuesday 21st May at Larcum's, 8 Market St, Charlbury

In order to book you will need to provide:
 - Proof of address: Photocopy of a utility bill or bank statement (within the last 3 months) including full name and address containing one of the postcodes OX7 3** | OX29 9** | OX7 6**
 - Proof of identity: Passport or driving licence with full name matching that on the proof of address.

If you have any questions or queries please email info@wildernessfestival.com

All the best,

Charlotte DC

Wilderness Event Manager

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