St Mary’s bees

dine glasgow
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Wed 15 May, 11:07

The swarm seems to have buzzed off (credit Jo Paton).  They must be very busy (self inflicted).

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
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Tue 14 May, 22:59


I should start practising Flight of the Bumblebee for Sunday. Ot maybe just Let It Bee. 

Ali Ross
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Tue 14 May, 22:16 (last edited on Tue 14 May, 22:17)

The bees are quite musical. I don’t think I would have been confused Richard.  ;-)

Claire Whitaker

Tue 14 May, 21:54

If the bees are still there tomorrow give Paul Whitaker who is a bee keeper in Charlbury a call. 07523312799.

Simon Walker

Tue 14 May, 21:42

When we had a swarm arrive in the garden a couple of years ago, we contacted Phil Sharman, who lives in Middle Barton.  He was here within an hour.  Bees caught and removed to a new home.  In case of need, he can be called on 07912 120337 or 01869 340626.

Malcolm Blackmore

Tue 14 May, 21:12

We had a swarm last summer. First stop Charlbury honey farm but they were overloaded at the time of peak swarming so went to Oxfordshire Beekeeprs Association who collected "our" swarm pretty quickly. Don't have contacts anymore but we found them easily at the time.

Our honey bottle says Halcyon Honeyfarm Charlbury OX7 3ET.

Ali Ross

Tue 14 May, 18:46

A swarm of bees seems to have taken up residence on one of the gravestones in St Mary’s graveyard. Spectacular, but probably not the best place for them. Any thoughts on who to call?

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