Mark Luntley
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Wed 17 Apr, 07:34

I agree it really important. I've used Eyesight opticians in St Ebbes in Oxford for several years and they also undertake these tests.

The tests can have real value. Some years back I had a young colleague who had a brain cancer diagnosed early and successfully treated as a result. The tumour was detected as a result of one of the examinations at her optician.

Brian Murray

Tue 16 Apr, 22:58

Hannen, I agree with your comments about what the tests can unveil and that it's worth paying for early warning of problems.

I also used to go to Boots in Witney but was told they don't have an O C T scanner - one of the reasons for my changing to C. N. Opticians.

Hannen Beith

Tue 16 Apr, 12:22

I agree Brian.  I always attend Boots opticians in Witney.  They also provide the examination you describe, as standard.  Last year I was delighted to learn that I had begun to develop cataracts.  Might explain why I keep bumping into things...

Relieved to be told that, apart from the cataracts, there were no other "problems".  Apparently the optometrist can use the results to diagnose a number of conditions e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure and even a brain tumour.

Being of "a certain age" I no longer pay for my (now annual) check, but would say to those younger than me that it really is worth paying for the examination/test so that potential problems can be detected early.  For example, glaucoma can affect young people and lead to impaired vision and even blindness.  

Brian Murray
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Sun 14 Apr, 11:50

After my regular eyesight test at the opticians at the Chippy Medical Centre, I've just had an eye health check. They have this amazing new scanner which gives a clear 3D picture of the state of your eyes. For anyone with concerns about possible glaucoma, macular degeneration or various other eye problems, it is really worth making an appointment.

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