Hannen Beith
👍 1

Wed 20 Mar, 10:06

Might be a red herring.

Jenny Chambers

Tue 19 Mar, 18:06

I've had this response from Pete Walker  (Cotswold Rivers Trust). I'll follow up with Stuart Manwaring (Environment Agency) and post here.

Hi Jenny,

That's fantastic news about the otters. The Cotswold Rivers Trust don't have any mink traps out so I'm not sure where that information has come from sorry. I've copied in Stuart Manwaring, an EA fisheries officer for that area, to see if he can shed any light.

Stuart - any thoughts / insight?



Rosemary Bennett

Tue 19 Mar, 15:20

Somewhat reassuring Alan, thanks for that. Fingers crossed that a safe solution can be found.

Alan Cobb
👍 1

Tue 19 Mar, 12:32

Any trap they may have has to be a live trap and has to be inspected at least once a day (preferably twice).  They would get into serious trouble if they drowned a Water Vole.

Rosemary Bennett

Tue 19 Mar, 09:22

Thank you so much Jenny for your concern for these rare and wonderful creatures. I hope that you will get a speedy response from the Cotswold River Trust folk. I've never seen otters yet, but  hope to soon, and to imagine that they could be trapped and presumably drowned is awful.

Jenny Chambers
👍 2

Tue 19 Mar, 08:05

I've found a contact for the Cotswolds River Trust. This is the text of my email to a Dr Pete Walker:

We have been seeing a family (one adult and two youngsters) of otters on the Evenlode in the Charlbury area. We believe that there is a mink trap somewhere on the millstream and local people are worried that the otters are at risk of becoming trapped.

We understand from a local Environment Agency rep that the Cotswolds River Trust monitor the trap. Can you confirm if that is so? If so, can you say how frequently it is checked?

I will post again here any response I get.

Rosemary Bennett

Mon 18 Mar, 09:57

How lovely to hear about the otters..... but worried about the mink trap catching them..... what would we do if in the worst case we saw a trapped otter? 

Rod Evans

Wed 13 Mar, 14:06

I was wondering about whose responsibility the traps might be and whether they're still needed. Could Stephen or Russell say exactly where they are so people can keep an eye on them? 

Russell Robson

Wed 13 Mar, 13:55

I believe the traps are monitored by the Cotswold River Trust as part of a joint project of habitat recreation with the Environment Agency

Stephen Andrews

Tue 12 Mar, 09:58

Given that they are clearly active, I trust someone is regularly checking the (live) floating mink trap on the Mill stream, as Otters need to be released if they trigger the trap and get caught.

Rod Evans

Mon 11 Mar, 09:08

Lovely talk by Tony on Friday, thanks - and otter sighting confirmed yesterday evening, probably the same 3 bowling downstream past Mill Lane!  Hope they get going on the Signal crayfish which I suspect are doing a lot of damage....

Jenny Chambers

Mon 11 Mar, 07:54

Thanks Simon, that's wonderful news! I haven't seen otters in the Evenlode, or any since childhood in North Devon. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the family you saw.

Tony H Merry

Sun 10 Mar, 21:24 (last edited on Sun 10 Mar, 21:26)

This is indeed really great news.  As I said in my talk on Friday the Evenlode has many challenges to water quality but its good to know that has not deterred these determined otters.  We must do all we can to make them welcome!

Claire Wilding

Sun 10 Mar, 15:36

That's fantastic.  Otters have been recorded there before - it's in the biodiversity report produced for the neighbourhood plan if of interest - but those sitings date back to 2008.  Great to know they are still about.

Simon Walker
👍 6

Sun 10 Mar, 11:30

On Friday morning I saw three otters in the river, just by the Cornbury bridge.  One adult and two smaller ones.  I for one have never seen any in the river here before, so it's great to know that conditions in the Evenlode are good enough for them.

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