Improving the Ticknell Piece play area


Wed 3 Apr, 20:10

This is great news it's been a long time since the park was in good condition. It is used a lot and will be lovely to see it refurbished. My grandson loves the slide but it's a bit scary that there is a no barrier to stop little ones falling off the top into solid ground,so it would be nice if that could be rectified or an additional piece of play equipment could be built into it? The swings have been missing for years so some new ones would be lovely, please.

Claire Wilding

Tue 2 Apr, 22:59

A quick update, the Town Council are getting some draft plans drawn up which we will be invited to comment on. A group of residents who use the park are gathering ideas using a WhatsApp group. If anyone else would like to be part of this group please send me a private message with your mobile number and I will add you.

Sam Baker

Mon 1 Apr, 22:31

Any improvements here would be appreciated, replacement of the swings would be great.

Claire Wilding

Thu 7 Mar, 14:23

Just to be clear, the proposal is to put new children's play equipment at the Ticknell Play Area.  An adult gym is a nice idea, but there isn't room to do this at Ticknell Piece Play Area.

Phil Morgan

Thu 7 Mar, 13:23

I agree with you entirely Jackie. The Town Council tried for many years to maintain the play area for Hughes and Sturt. The problem was that it was continually trashed by older "children" and it became untenable to keep funding repairs from the Council's finances.

The Ticknell scheme has Council backing because the residents there have demonstrated a commitment to looking after their playground.

Older "children" will always seek places to 'hang out' but parents/adults do have to be prepared to exercise some supervisory role.

Tony Allen
👍 1

Thu 7 Mar, 13:19

What about some adult gym equipment there - adult szed monkey bars, pull ups, static bikes etc. There's a great set in Kidlington but would love one closer to home.

Jackie Hague
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Wed 6 Mar, 19:05

The children at Hughes Close and Sturt Close lost their play area to new housing.  It would be good to see a replacement area for them.  At present, the nearest play area is either Ticknell Piece or crossing busy roads to Nine Acres.  Sturt Close is designated a Family Zone, as such, it is very sad that there is no safe area for the children to play. 

john h

Wed 6 Mar, 17:28

If you read the Town Council  report in the  Charlbury Cronicle, it would appear that funds are available  for  a scheme at Ticknell Park. So maybe this year!!. John H


Wed 6 Mar, 08:49

It would be great to have the ticknell piece park back as when it was in it better days it was used a lot I think it should have some equipment for toddlers as well as bit older children ie primary school age. 

karen stubbles trodd
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Tue 5 Mar, 18:13

Personally I would I like this to stay and to be improved it’s not really worth going at the moment there. If it was to be kept definitely a swing maybe see saw the park is lovely down nine acres so anything that they have down there really on a smaller scale. I think a lot of people would use it. 

Claire Wilding

Tue 5 Mar, 17:44

Do you use the playpark at Ticknell Piece, or would you use it if it was in a better state of repair?  A group got together a couple of years ago and raised some funds to improve the park, and there is now the possibility of other funding through the Town Council.  

We want to get views on what sort of play equipment should be in the park.  We would also like to create a group to work up ideas, discuss with the Town Council and maybe do some more fundraising or grant applications to make it happen.

If you are interested, please add some comments below on what you would like to see in the park. Also if you are willing to be part of the group that takes it forward let us know.  Thanks!

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