Hooky Car Club

Hannen Beith

Fri 8 Feb, 18:15

Btw, apologies, still haven't figured out the hyperlink thingy.  Don't know what "relationship" means...

Hannen Beith
👍 1

Fri 8 Feb, 18:13

I noticed this on the side of a car in the Chippy Co-op car park last Tuesday.  The car was parked in a space reserved for the Hooky Car Club.

Research reveals this:  https://www.hn-lc.org.uk/hooky-car-club

Fascinating and environmentally friendly stuff.  Electric cars and just £5 a month to be a member!  Not just cars but loans to reduce carbon footprint.  There are many environmental experts in Charlbury so I was wondering if any of them might want to start a scheme like it here?  

Put me down as a potential member please!

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