David Halliwell retrospective film showing / readings?

Malcolm Blackmore

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 21:12

I'm not sure I can make the memorial, and I would have been curious to have heard some of his work read. Kids care duty (don't forget school shuts at 1.30pm tomorrow. I forgot about that one term when we were still in Oxford...)

Igor Goldkind

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 03:33

Anyone is invited to the readings even if you didn't know him or even like him; the man invested his entire self into his work at the expense of his relationships, social and otherwise.

And his work speaks for itself.

I've recently heard a few well-intended refer to David as 'that eccentric'.

I thought 'Eccentric' is what you called strange people with independent incomes.

David worked for a living.

Malcolm Blackmore

Sat 25 Mar 2006, 23:25

It took a while for me to twig who the late lamented was - I was too busy in environmental campaigns etc. to "do" theatres and watch TV during the 70s and 80s, and too young for the 60s - but I remembered some things eventually, albeit fuzzily.

With the advent of CHOC showing films making it technically feasible, it occurred to me that a nice gesture would be to organise a/some showing(s) of stuff which may have been recorded, and/or some readings of his material?

I don't know about how much was recorded nor whether copyright might be a total hindrance, having had no experience of that sort of thing.

Sounds like I came to Charlbury too late to know a real local character. Others may like to "catch up" too - creative and innovative people live on in their work, after all, and perhaps we should help that along.

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