2 Tories talk out climate bill - Snitty note to Mr. Cameron

Gareth Epps

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 10:58

This of course gives the lie to the attempts by Conservatives to forge a cross-party consensus on climate change. David Cameron should withdraw the whip from Chope and Forth.

Chris Tatton

Wed 29 Mar 2006, 21:30

I am sorry to hear this. I thought that there was a consensus emerging between all the political parties to act on climate change. If we don't get this one right and soon, nothing else will matter!

Malcolm Blackmore

Tue 14 Mar 2006, 11:30

As some people may know, Mr. Christopher Chope (Christchurch) (Con) and Mr. Eric Forth (Bromley and Chislehurst) (Con) managed to "talk out" the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill yesterday.

Apparently this was against the wishes of the Conservative Party. So David Cameron, our local MP and now the bright eyed and bushy tailed leader of the Tories, needs to do some head-knocking immediately to stop a repeat from such climate change deniers (who set themselves up against the historically unprecedented consensus of scientists around the world who are getting into a state of severe anxiety about the rapidity of change in the last few years).

To reinforce the point, the BBC reports today that there has been a sudden acceleration in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the last year alone - the danger is that we are already seeing a tipping point being reached in the planet's ability to soak up increased CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions (like methane) being created by human actitivity. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4803460.stm

So ring Mr Cameron on the number given below, or through whatever numbers you may have for local offices, home or whatever (some people will know this due to his local connections). His email address and other contact details are:

Email addresses:
House of Commons: camerond@parliament.uk

David Cameron: Constituency

Contact numbers:
House of Commons (tel): 020 7219 3475
House of Commons (fax): 020 7219 1945
Constituency (tel): 01993 702 302
Constituency (fax): 01993 776 639

10 Bridge Street
OX28 1HY
From a press release:
As you may be aware, due to lengthy speeches and amendments by just two back-bench Tories (against their partys' wishes) the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill did not complete its Report stage last Friday. However, the Bill does still have a chance of becoming law as it will return to the House this Friday 17th March.

Please email your MP (see template below) asking them to support this bill in parliament, this Friday.

Please also call your MP on 0207 219 3000

You can check who your MP is and here: http://www.locata.co.uk/commons/

You can find a full list of MPs contact details here: http://politics.guardian.co.uk/person/browse/mps/az/0,9379,,00.html

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