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James Styring

Fri 12 Jul, 11:01

Hi Jim, yes we probably know "what's needed" and we do know "what's doable", but between "the will" & "the funding to get it underway" there remains the legal and democratic hurdle of public consultation. Hopefully the new Town Council will chase the County to start this process a.s.a.p., with the same vigour with which we got the County to this stage in the first place. You are free to encourage the new Town Council to do this in any way you wish, as is any other resident. 

Jim Holah
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Fri 12 Jul, 08:57

Great stuff James, lots of positive activity but I was really trying to point that we already know what's needed, it's just the will & funding to get it underway.  Let's not start a whole new process to see what's doable.

James Styring
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Thu 11 Jul, 22:55 (last edited on Fri 12 Jul, 07:21)

Jim, five or six years go, Liz Reason was in conversation with me and others about traffic calming on the Slade and in the town centre. We talked about chicanes on the Slade but I don't think there were ever drawn-up plans back then. For the town centre, Liz commissioned…

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John Werner
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Thu 11 Jul, 21:11

There is pretty good and wide pavement on the other side of the Slade…that’s always a good option. One just need to watch out when crossing the road! Shame drivers aren’t checked for common sense regularly so we need to built chicanes instead.

Jim Holah
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Thu 11 Jul, 15:30

Some years ago, Liz Reason promoted this very good idea to improve The Slade with build outs linked to crossings, wider pavements ( as Helen suggests) & I believe chicanes.  All intended to slow traffic, create better walking & cycling routes & generally improve the environment for residents & pedestrians.  Can't recall exactly why it didn't proceed but fundamental was the lack of an available budget.  What goes around comes around but with a Lib Dem OCC & a new government, who knows?  Liz, do you still have the plans??

Helen Chapman
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Thu 11 Jul, 13:51

Have responded to Gary’s DM about this

Gary Harrison

Thu 11 Jul, 11:41

Hi Helen, exactly where on the Slade is the footpath narrow? I will go and have a look to see what might be doable.

Gareth Epps
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Thu 11 Jul, 08:02

Speedwatch needs volunteers so active sessions can resume with miscreants reported to the police.  
Red tape requirements by Thames Valley Police mean volunteers have to undergo training now.  It would be good if volunteers could come forward; we still have a problem with through traffic.

Helen Chapman
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Tue 9 Jul, 07:34

Even as an adult I dislike that footpath when a large vehicle comes hurtling down above the speed limit - you feel very vulnerable. Widening the footpath and narrowing the space for cars would be a great way to improve safety - maybe if local councils get some more funding under a Labour government this isn’t a pipe dream??

James Goad
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Mon 8 Jul, 22:19

Simon is absolutely right. The traffic has noticeably speeded up along the slade since the speed monitor has gone. There are kids walking, scooting and cycling to school and some cars are frighteningly fast and close.

Simon J Harley
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Sun 7 Jul, 19:24

How long before the speed indicator is back at the top of the Slade by Dancers Hill?  It really does seem to slow vehicles down. I have seen numerous cars over the past few days travelling well in excess of the speed limit here 😡

Claire Wilding
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Wed 19 Jun, 23:38

A more positive way of looking at the data:

Two thirds are driving below 25 mph

More than 9 out of 10 are going below 30

That’s got to be a big improvement since before the speed limit change 

Alan Wilson
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Wed 19 Jun, 21:22

I suspect the correlation between those who disagree with the 20mph limit and those who don't obey it may actually be quite limited.

Harriet Baldwin
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Wed 19 Jun, 19:57

You're assuming they're all residents. The amount of traffic coming up Dyers Hill at about 8.45 every morning implies it's definitely a through route. 

Simon J Harley

Wed 19 Jun, 18:31

Interesting to read the speed watch information in the news section.  Does this really mean that 72% of Charlbury folk are poor drivers or is it that 72% of them disagree with the 20mph speed limit?

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