Taylor Swift

Alex Flynn

Sun 23 Jun, 19:45 (last edited on Sun 23 Jun, 19:45)

I hope Taylor realises they probably don't do Chicken kebabs at Soho Farmhouse! I think there is a kebab shop and van in Chippy but I can honestly say I've not tried either myself! 


Andrew Chapman
👍 7

Sat 22 Jun, 19:02

Did the Byrds ever do a turn (turn turn) round here? (Tern?)

Charlie M
👍 2

Sat 22 Jun, 13:43

They might have a more peaceful easy feeling if they delay arriving until after 4th July ... unless they have already gone, of course ...

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
👍 5

Sat 22 Jun, 13:38

I’m more worried about the Eagles.

Miranda Hayes
👍 3

Sat 22 Jun, 00:13

I’m curious to know where The Housemartins stayed when they were on tour, back in the day.

Michael Flanagan
👍 2

Fri 21 Jun, 18:14

It's not just the pseudo-media like the Tatler who can't get their heads round Chippy (the town) being a gritty centre of extreme social deprivation where you always need at least one sweater more than everywhere around it. And is also, in just about everything that matters, the complete opposite of  the glorious countryside surrounding it, including Ms Swift's summer pad.

The Oxford Mail (which used to be a newspaper that understood its readers) is every bit as confused: www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/24395158.inside-cotswolds-chipping-norton-taylor-swift-staying/ 

stephen cavell
👍 5

Fri 21 Jun, 15:06

I once got David Essex to do a show at Kampala National Theatre

Lenny Henry  to sing 'One wheel on My Wagon' in the back of my LandRover at Al's bar in Kablagala (Kampala)

Michael Crawford to a reception at the British High Commission

Mohamed Ali to hug Trish in Kampala.

Just ask Charlie!!!

Stephen Andrews
👍 11

Fri 21 Jun, 14:50

I've got an empty swift box, but she'd need a ladder to reach it and it is a bit cramped.

nikki page
👍 3

Fri 21 Jun, 13:26

Stephen Cavell funny you should say that?!? 😂

Claire Wilding
👍 4

Wed 19 Jun, 15:58

Someone should tell her about Travelodge. 

Matt Bullock
👍 8

Wed 19 Jun, 15:21

She could have stayed at mine, and I wouldn't have charged her £3,250 per night. I'd have settled for half that, actually.

K Harper

Wed 19 Jun, 14:59

Hans - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/videos/c1661e64556o

Charlie M
👍 1

Wed 19 Jun, 14:15

I do the publicity for the Rosie gigs, and as far as I know she is not yet on the schedule...

... but Kylie is playing on Friday! 

Hans Eriksson

Wed 19 Jun, 12:23

Who she?

stephen cavell
👍 3

Wed 19 Jun, 10:28

According to the witney Gazette Taylor Swift is coming to Great Tew (Soho Farm House??). Nikki have you got her booked in at the Rose & Crown??

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