Cornerstone Books

John Partington

Sun 11 Feb, 22:12 (last edited on Sun 11 Feb, 22:13)

In Cornerstone itself the books and other items are sold by whoever is on duty that day; the books are put out for display by Kelley and Gay. In the rest of the Corner House the shelves are stocked by Grace (non-fiction), Kelley again (fiction) and Neil (the 50p room). I pre-sort the donated books, and also supply surplus items from my own stock; HJ processes the unsold or unsaleable items.

That's the long answer. The short answer is: contact me and I'll make sure the right person responds. 07555 608780,

Ben Manson

Sun 11 Feb, 20:15

Hi. Who looks after the books at Cornerstone? Thanks 

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