Local artists

Flora Gregory

Tue 27 Feb, 10:59

Also about a dozen artists at the Wilcote Art Studios, near Finstock


The studios are open during Oxfordshire Art Weeks.

glena chadwick
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Tue 20 Feb, 10:31

Judith Yarrow is my favourite artist. She lives in Chippy and her paintings (which you can  also buy as giglee (??) prints therefore less expensive) are landscapes. She visits Scotland, Cornwall etc and her paintings are often remote hills and sea  but also combine delicate foliage. She was painter in residence at FarmEd last year so many are views from there. She usually does Art Week and has a website.

Ralph Wilkin

Tue 20 Feb, 07:35

Ranirai.com is a local artist who currently has some work on display at derwenthouseliving.co.uk/ in Witney..  Good luck with your search.

Stephen Bubb
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Mon 19 Feb, 12:57

I’ve recently had two beautiful shoe racks made for me by Henry Lait a new Carpenter in Charlbury and well worth using. Beautiful work. Look up his website. And I’ve also had six wonderful stained glass panels installed in a downstairs window produced by the marvellous di gold. if you’re looking for stain glass windows to live up Window you should get in touch with her. 

Ben Manson

Thu 15 Feb, 16:19

Thank you all for the recommendations and messages. 

Jody O'Reilly
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Mon 12 Feb, 18:54

Thanks so much for the shout outs Helen and Wendy. 😊 Ben, I’m not doing Art Weeks this year and have just taken down my exhibition at the Deli but if you’re interested in looking through my portfolio of hand printed lino cuts do send me a message through the website. 
id encourage you to joint the art society too which has a great series of talks and is a great source of artistic inspiration generally. Their next talk by another local artist David Pollock is this Wednesday, details on the events page here. 

Charlbury Deli & Cafe

Sun 11 Feb, 21:43

Check out the exhibitions in the Deli. Local artists..changing each month

Wendy Bailey
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Sun 11 Feb, 09:30

Jody Reily and Marion Coates, Maureen Sparling, or ask in the Cotswolds Picture framing shop Tim would be able to help. 

Mary Heckman
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Sun 11 Feb, 06:32

Art Weeks will be coming up at the beginning of May when many local artists exhibit their work and open their studios. You would be spoilt for choice. There are many amazing artists living in the area.

Helen Chapman
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Sat 10 Feb, 17:35 (last edited on Sat 10 Feb, 17:37)

Two friends of mine who are both amazing artists: Jody O'Reilly who does beautiful lino-cut prints of local subjects - she has exhibited at the deli a few times, as well as doing Art Weeks,  and Emma Hunt who is a talented painter - you can catch her at local craft fairs or buy her work on Etsy: https://www.emmahuntart.com/shop

Charlie M
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Sat 10 Feb, 15:36

You should check out Rosannagh Scarlet Esson's fabulous creations!

Rosemary Bennett
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Sat 10 Feb, 15:36 (last edited on Sat 10 Feb, 15:36)

Beautiful paintings, prints and sculpture from


Claire Whitaker
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Sat 10 Feb, 14:22

Annabel Pope is a fantastic wildlife artist. Google annabelpope.com

Ben Manson
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Sat 10 Feb, 13:16

Hi all. 

I'm looking to buy some new art and would like to buy from some local artists. 

If you know someone, please mention them on this thread. 

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