18-35 Charlbury meet up groups

Rachel Brushfield
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Wed 14 Feb, 17:23

Well done Josh. 

Joshua Carvalho S
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Wed 14 Feb, 12:28 (last edited on Wed 14 Feb, 12:30)

Hey all! 

I just want to say that the response has been amazing from everyone! Thank you all! We have around 15 people currently and i’m sure much more in the woodwork. Also please don’t be discouraged if you’re not within 18-35, it really was a stab in the dark to find people around a similar age :) 

Update: I will create a WhatsApp group in the coming weeks and for all of you who have already sent your mobile number I will add you once it’s up and running, if you’d like to be added please send a message with your number. I will also post news of any events on the forum. We can probably already pencil in the summer events in Charlbury anyway :) 

It’s going to be wonderful to meet all of you! 



Joshua Carvalho S
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Wed 14 Feb, 11:06

Hey Rosannagh! Thanks for getting in touch! - It seems we have a good gang of us that are up for this which is amazing! If you want you can send me across your number in a message and I will add you on the group once I create it! :) 

Rosannagh Scarlet
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Tue 13 Feb, 15:30

Hey nice to see some other young-ish people in Charlbury! Keep me in the loop if you're organising anything! :-)

Joshua Carvalho S
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Tue 13 Feb, 11:38

Hey Maryam!! That’s amazing, it would be great to meet you both!! The more the merrier! I will send you a message :) 

Maryam Masalha
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Mon 12 Feb, 21:50

Hello! I’m 34 and my husband and I have been living in Charlbury for around a year. I’d be happy to join a social over the summer. Great idea!

Joshua Carvalho S
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Sun 11 Feb, 22:17

Alice, thank you! hopefully we can sort something! & Alex, that’s amazing.. it’s such a great little town and loads of events coming up in summer and no shortage of pubs for us to choose from! Looks like the numbers are adding up for the group too which is great! :))

Alex Mulligan
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Sun 11 Feb, 22:06

My partner and I (29 & 30) are moving to Charlbury in March and looking forward to meeting people. We'd also be interested in going for a drink or days out. Can't wait to get to know the town better soon!

Alice Low

Thu 8 Feb, 21:44

Lovely idea!! I hope you manage to arrange something  😃

Joshua Carvalho S
👍 17

Thu 8 Feb, 20:22 (last edited on Thu 8 Feb, 20:41)

Hey all! I am just putting the feelers out to see if there are groups for young adults in Charlbury? I find most of the time I have to travel into Oxford which is not to much of a problem but it would be great to find people around my age in Charlbury, i’m 30 for the record. I’d also be interested in setting up a group for drinks/hikes/days out etc if anyone is interested let me know! 

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