TV Licensing Scam

Andrew Greenfield
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Sun 11 Feb, 18:48

Forward the message to

They will investigate all such scams and try to shut down the sender, though that is not easy if the email came from outside the UK.

Still worth doing though!

Stephen Andrews
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Sun 11 Feb, 16:34

Just received one of these, so watch out as Maureen says. It looks genuine, and if like us you've a bit vague on your renewal date, and cannot remember your licence number you could get sucked in. 

Maureen Nash
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Wed 24 Jan, 14:47

Look out for an email claiming that there are problems collecting your licence fee if you pay automatically by direct debit. Things to look out for: no name just an email address, incorrect date of renewal and no licence number. A genuine email would also include part of your postcode. At first sight it looks like one of the more plausible scams………

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