AMARELO BISTRO - Open Wed to Fri this week

Rachel Brushfield
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Sun 3 Dec 2023, 14:38


How about an informal tasting (paid) of your cuisine in the New Year and for you to share your vision for your Bistro/your story that led you to be in Charlbury and to open Amarelo Bistro? 

I would love to hear it. 

It is wonderful to have a new cuisine, your Bistro in Charlbury, thank you. 

We don't know what challenges you overcame to open it/run it. Do we?

 Chefs/staff/planning approval delays/other.....

It is easy to criticise why you didn't open in Sept. 

But have we asked you clarifying questions what was/is happening in your world? 

Russell Ingham
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Sun 3 Dec 2023, 11:52

In retrospect, yes you are right,  a private note would have been better and more appropriate particularly if I had known that it was an opening night - which I didn't. 

peter durrant
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Sat 2 Dec 2023, 21:20

Go Marcia!  Remember, this was just another sad voice on the Forum - not Charlbury.

John Werner
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Sat 2 Dec 2023, 19:51

I cannot believe that Mr Ingham has got 5 thumbs up….sad. Marcia - all the best, good luck and don’t let this make you too upset. It’s all about percentages - 5% of us always be joy killers or even worse🤓

Christopher Tatton
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Sat 2 Dec 2023, 18:41

Yeah Russell, it was pretty rotten to go so public about a Charlbury business that is just starting up and deserves support and not criticism. Perhaps you should have sent a private message instead. We look forward to sampling this exciting new restaurant over the next week or two. Keep up the good work Marcia and the team. Charlbury appreciates what you have achieved. 

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Sat 2 Dec 2023, 18:33


Considering this was our opening evening, serving 40 covers, for the large part we consider we delivered a good service to the majority on Friday night. We received compliments regarding the food and ambience

Of course, there are going to be some teething issues to sort out. And in…

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Rosemary Bennett
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Sat 2 Dec 2023, 10:51

What happened?

Russell Ingham
👍 6

Fri 1 Dec 2023, 22:28

I'm sorry, but tonight (1 Dec) we had a very, very disappointing and expensive experience. We will not re-visit.

Rosemary Bennett
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Wed 29 Nov 2023, 20:12

Malcolm, the ‘gated alley’ as you call it, is private property, I imagine….

Malcolm Blackmore

Wed 29 Nov 2023, 15:02 (last edited on Wed 29 Nov 2023, 15:03)

Bistro Parking - Last time tried to get to somewhere down in town centre found the designated parking bay for badge holders full of un-badged vehicle of our Greater and Betters exerting their right to privilege. And had to miss out on a family gathering at Chloe's. Most annoyed. (I need to review the website of Tyre Extinguishers-  - again to understand the situation better. 

However, seriously, you seem to have gated off the alley that led to a parking area out the back of the old Post Office.

Is there any way a provision may be made (by prior arrangement possibly) for a space or two for badge holders? Old injuries have come to bite increasing hard and many days can't make it to the pub or dining place, and an electric bike might be just a bit tricky balance-wise... and anyway due to multiple spinal injuries a sit-up cycle seat position creates its own problem disturbingly quickly. 

Perhaps I should design a "Tadpole" Recumbent Tricycle (2 wheels front) with electric assist, with nice cargo bays underneath to raise the rider up higher into a position with better visibility for motorised vehicles on the roads. If anyone would like to make a team to design and make a few copies of older knocked-about citizens zero-energy personal transport with practicality and utility foremost, just get in touch! I'm not just jesting - would love to work on a project like that and don't have the skills, workshop or tools to do it.

Stephen Bubb
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Tue 28 Nov 2023, 09:05

An excellent dinner on Saturday. A great addition to our dining options in Charlbury. Well done all. 

Liz Puttick
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Tue 28 Nov 2023, 09:04

Congratulations to Marcia and the team for a fab feast - delicious food beautifully presented, friendly and efficient service and a fun ambience. Great to have somewhere different from all the gastropubs.

Best of luck for the future!

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Tue 28 Nov 2023, 01:23

Hi everyone,

A big thank you to all those that came to the pre-opening Supper evenings last Thursday and Saturday. It meant a lot that we were finally able to open our doors after a lot of building and fit out work.

Just to let you know we will be open for lunches this week on Wed, Thur, Fri 12 - 2pm and light bites and drinks 10 - 5pm. Also Friday night 6pm til late.

Next week we will start normal opening hours. Please see website for details - where you will be able to reserve a table online.



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