Nasa astronauts’ lost tool bag to be visible tomorrow night

Liz Reason
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Tue 21 Nov, 18:07

I heard a lawyer who specialises in space law speaking on R4 yesterday about how she is terrified at the mess we are making of space and the problems with accumulating debris.  Just the way we treat Earth.

Claire Wilding
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Tue 21 Nov, 09:36

Thanks! The space station should be visible from 513pm and the tool bag is apparently 10 minutes ahead on the same path: 

Date: Tue Nov 21, 5:13 PM

Visible: 5 min

Max Height: 26°

Appears: 10° above SSW

Disappears: 14° above E

Date: Tue Nov 21, 6:49 PM

Visible: 2 min

Max Height: 33°

Appears: 10° above WSW

Disappears: 33° above WSW

Alexander Tomlins
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Mon 20 Nov, 23:31

With the help of binoculars, the floating tool bag is expected to be visible in parts of the UK including Oxfordshire tomorrow evening.  The Tool bag was lost from the International Space Station during routine repairs earlier this month and has been floating through space ever since.

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