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Rod Evans
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Sun 17 Sep 2023, 00:25 (last edited on Sun 17 Sep 2023, 17:55)

Breaking my golden rule not to publish after midnight - and never like this before! And couldn't get the spacing right on here...  The full title should be Ode to Charlbury (inc Street Fair)!

Stardate 16/09 2130

Covers band to the right of me

Another to the left

(A better one before)

Here I am stuck in the middle

With a small can of coke

And a seriously tiny

Bottle of olive oil

From the tombola

Not to mention

The bottle of Hooky

From the Human Jukebox…

Or the egg down my trousers last night.

Brilliant throwing from daughter Emma

Just I forgot by Round 2

You need 'soft hands'.

Don’t we always??


Secretly hoping to see someone

(Quietly turning the back door key)

Wonderfully engaging with P&E but

(She is leaving .....)

Though am totally certain she wasn’t

(Meeting a man from the motor trade).

So the secret stays with me.

Or that one at least (maybe).

There’s another one of course


How long can we keep it?

Do we want to?

Should we share it?  Who with??

Mostly not born here (but with huge respect…)

We sort of stumbled across it, didn’t we?

And thought ‘hhm, could have some of that’.

An old town centre but

A real, not a chocolate box kind of place.

I’ll stop there

At risk of breaking away

From the sublime

To the serious.

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