Audi stops outside house and offers to buy my campervan

Hannen Beith

Sun 17 Sep 2023, 11:43

I've been scammed by a hedge cutter from Bristol who turned up unannounced.

I reported him to Trading Standards (us commoners now have to get there via CABx) and they were really helpful, and have sent me their directory of approved contractors.  Very useful.

TS did ask me for his reg plate but I hadn't made a note of it.  Doh.

Mark Sulik
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Sun 17 Sep 2023, 10:52

Take the registration number , car model and colour. People will then be alert and the possibility of traceability.? 

Harriet Baldwin
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Sun 17 Sep 2023, 08:39

I expect they were checking out my mother's house too then. We got lots of people driving up asking to buy her car, it's one of the many things that upset her, and apparently nobody could do anything about it. 

Sandy Fairhurst
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Sat 16 Sep 2023, 17:35

I know this happens but was a bit stunned to find somebody purporting to be from a Ledbury based dealer ( I can’t find any motorhome dealers in Ledbury) knocks on door and offers me ( a far too low of course) cash.

Seems unlikely that i would be the only stop in Charlbury especially since am not on a through road. So a warning really.

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