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Stephen Andrews
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Sun 19 Nov, 19:16 (last edited on Mon 20 Nov, 11:39)

Earlier this afternoon, I had to take our car to the station to provide some comfort and heat to my daughter's young family as the London bound train became increasing late. What is the point in having a waiting room that is only available during ticket office opening hours? As I recall, most of the other (smaller) stations on the Cotswold line have unstaffed waiting rooms (Charlbury has in excess of 200 thousand passengers a year).

Jan Going
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Thu 16 Nov, 17:19

Ah, I remember the days when one could go into a station waiting room in the winter and the fire had been lit.  Happy memories.

Stephen Andrews
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Thu 16 Nov, 17:06

As Emily says the puddle has been an issue since the lower car park was created (in 2011?). I seem to recall that additional drainage works were retrospectively carried to that area when it flooded after the first heavy rain shower, but reflecting the lack of interest in pedestrians, nothing has been done to install a simple drain in the approach road even though it has been 'in the budget' for well over a decade.

Nicolette lethbridge
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Thu 16 Nov, 16:32

Inspired by Gareth 's input and 2 emails , one from our MPand the other from his trouble shooter asking me whether the various railway concerns have a) manned the booking office and b) repaired the listed building, I padded down to the station to look at the building. Not a workman in sight. The roof seems to have been repaired, there is a new wall mounted heater inside which I hope is on and a notice to say that it is security alarmed. It is still a rotten wooden carcass which I think should have been mended in the summer. Moreover they don't seem to falling over themselves to get it manned for at least every week day and Saturday morning . Most disappointing.

Graham Wisker
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Wed 15 Nov, 09:21

Whilst they are renovating the station, perhaps they could relocate the ticket machine.  Trying to read the screen with the sun directly shining on to it makes it difficult to read. 

Mark Sulik
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Tue 14 Nov, 21:20

The ticket machine when working, is not sufficient for the number of users. The opening of the ticket office and a station manager, much needed to perhaps arrange the blocked drain to be unblocked and with the onset of winter , ice and frost ,,,,,, slipping , all needs sorting. Ticket machines and self check outs don’t open the doors to the waiting area , sell tickets provide advice and de ice the platforms and paved areas 

Gareth Epps
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Tue 14 Nov, 17:01

No sooner had I said that, this appeared....

"Our contractor started on site last week with building repairs and expect to be on site for the next 5 weeks or so. We’ll also be undertaking a deep clean of the bridge too."

Gareth Epps
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Tue 14 Nov, 11:05

GWR hasn't responded to the last two requests for an update.  Make of that what you will.

Emily Algar
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Tue 14 Nov, 09:40

It’s down to Network Rail I believe re the car park and road. The lake puddle has been an issue for years.

John Dora
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Tue 14 Nov, 08:23

I wonder if GWR is going to do anything about draining the massive puddle on the approach roadthat forms whenever it rains? A hazard for pedestrians if drivers don't spot it.

Sue Way
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Tue 14 Nov, 08:12

The weather is miserable but Charlbury station waiting room is still closed and the ticket machine isn’t working, again.

Can anyone tell us when GWR will fulfil its promise to reopen the waiting room? 

Brian Murray
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Thu 10 Aug, 16:34

Now that the demand for Wilderness tickets is not dominating the Forum, may I bring the subject of Rail Ticket Office closures and the threat to customer service back to the fore

You will almost certainly be aware of plans driven by the Rail Delivery Group and the Department for…

Long post - click to read full text

Nicolette lethbridge
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Tue 8 Aug, 19:24

not a new subject but some new news. Because I wrote to the Town Council on the subject the Town Clerk has been giving me updates on the actions , note the plural,  the Council has been taking to get the authorities to improve the appearance of the station and to restore the booking office after the appalling damage caused by the water leak. I must say they are doing a brilliant job and hopefully they will be successful. It would be lovely if they felt able to put what they emailed to me on the Forum so that credit is given where credit is due

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