Self checkouts in Coop

Helen Holwill
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Fri 26 May, 14:32

I second the praise for the Coop staff. My 17-year-old son Sam has special needs and is so keen to be independent. One of his key learning experiences is independently walking to the Coop to buy a few things (while I nervously track him from home on my phone). I know that many of the staff recognise him and watch out for him, helping when a couple of times he's forgotten to pay, or had the wrong money or whatever. A big thank you to them, and the residents of Charlbury too (he likes to stop and pet cats and dogs and have a chat!). This simply wouldn't be possible in a bigger more impersonal town, or if we exclusively had self checkouts, for example. 

sue holiday
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Fri 26 May, 13:12

Meeting kind and helpful Coop staff members is hugely important to many single and lonely people in our community, some being bereaved of their lifelong partners. Machines do not meet that most important need.

Longstanding loyal Coop customers (including people with dementia, sight difficulties, those who may fumble with arthritic disabilities or who may simply be elderly folk already struggling with modern technology) are potentially being short changed from the personal and friendly service they have appreciated over many years and for which they still pay!

Thanks to all the brilliant Coop staff for much great support over the years. You are hugely appreciated. May those who employ you value you as much as we do, and never replace you with machines that may not always work satisfactorily.

For the above reasons, I also boycott the self-service machines, preferring to wait in a very long queue if necessary!

Wendy Bailey
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Wed 24 May, 08:48

At least we have a choice, I do use self check outs sometimes as I don't like a machine to "beat" me. but much prefer a friendly face that say's hello :)

Gareth Epps
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Tue 23 May, 23:06

I have that gift too, Simon.

Simon J Harley
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Tue 23 May, 21:41

It doesn’t save time when I use them. I seem to get the red flashing light whenever I use a self serve till!  I guess it’s a gift I have?

Dave Oates
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Tue 23 May, 15:40

But it will save on the huge queues when there is only one till open and a shop full of people!

Gareth Epps
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Mon 22 May, 18:02

I’d rather not use them.  I’m concerned this is an attempt of reducing jobs and customer service.

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Mon 22 May, 14:17

I for one will be boycotting the self checkouts. I had a very amusing incident with one in Boots which involved a light as a feather eye pencil but I won’t bore you! I hate the devices . 

Charlie M
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Mon 22 May, 12:27

They will still need checkout staff for people like me who never use self checkouts!

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Mon 22 May, 12:19

I suppose it was inevitable but I’m saddened to see self checkouts in the Coop and the job losses they may lead to and they’ll never say ‘ can I help?’. 

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