Building on Wychwood Paddocks

Caroline Shepherd
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Fri 26 May, 14:45

Wrong email previously supplied, sorry.

Correct email is

Thanks for all your positive support!

Paul D Jenkins
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Mon 22 May, 22:50

What a fantastic project. Well done!!

Caroline Shepherd
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Mon 22 May, 21:36

Hello, I’m Caroline Shepherd (Caz), the Chair of the CSA (Charlbury School Association).

For those of you who live local to the field, communication is on its way to you about the proposed building and it’s siting on the field. Sincere apologies that this has happened the wrong way round for one reason or another. We will aim to get this out in the next week to you.

Wychwood Paddock field is currently leased to Charlbury Primary School, but the school are unable to use it as much as they would like due to their being no toilets or other facilities on site. The CSA decided along with parent feedback to try to amend this by raising funds to put a small building on the site that houses toilets, a small storeroom for equipment and an outdoor classroom/kitchen. Currently the proposed building has been sited near to the large gate. The aim is for it to have a green roof and it should not be very visible from the houses above the hedge/tree line.

The building will enable to the school to use the field much more frequently as well as sports teams that use the site at weekends.

If anyone would like further information, please do get in touch

Katie Ewer
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Mon 22 May, 10:50

I think it's great to see this happening. Just having the toilets there will hugely increase the amount of time that they can use the field for. And I think the outdoor classroom will be wonderful in the summer.

glena chadwick
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Sun 21 May, 14:11

Been shown the bit of the plan I missed and it looks OK and the idea behind it (open air lessons) sounds great. So that's good---but I still think the neighbours could have been told/consulted.

Catherine Ball
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Sat 20 May, 18:49

Agree that this sounds great and I applaud that the school has come up with a way to make better use of their field. Wonderful for the children of Charlbury to be able to spend more time here. I live on Wychwood Paddocks and have always thought it was a shame they couldn’t bring the children here more often - this is really a super plan.

Alan Cobb
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Fri 19 May, 15:44

According to the plans, it will be a toilet block, store, kitchen and small open sided classroom. Looks a good idea.

Miles Walkden
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Fri 19 May, 15:08

What a great little resource for the school. Love it!

Alison O
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Fri 19 May, 12:14 (last edited on Fri 19 May, 12:14)

The proposed ground floor plan and proposed elevations on the site linked to on the news item seem to give the information about what it would look like and what it will be used for.

glena chadwick

Fri 19 May, 11:42

I saw yesterday (for the first time) the plans for a building on the children's sports field on Wychwood Paddocks. I am not thinking of protesting but I am surprised we have not had any news about it so far (or have I missed something ?). The WODC documents do not give (as far as I can tell) any idea of what it will look like. Also, what will it be used for ? It seems rather big for equipment storage only. I am very pro children, education and sport but it would have been friendly if the neighbours had been told/consulted.

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