Avian apocalypse

Liz Reason
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Fri 26 May 2023, 14:44

I wish every cat in Charlbury wore a bell.  Cats kill millions of birds every year.  Do we really care about nature?

Stephen Andrews
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Tue 23 May 2023, 17:47 (last edited on Tue 23 May 2023, 17:47)

Swallows seen on my Permitted Walk through Cornbury Estate this morning.

bill wood
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Sun 21 May 2023, 10:05

Swifts are now visible in Church Street again but there seem to be virtually no swallows or house martins. Church Lane used to have good numbers of house martin nests and we had swallows nesting in our porch  for the first 25 years we lived here.  It feels like a steady and remorseless decline. Are there any  elsewhere in town?  Might they  still get here?  Numbers have crashed in the past because of conditions on the migration route in North Africa. I cannot see any reports online.   

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Fri 19 May 2023, 07:37

Malcolm - you must read James Rebanks  -English Pastoral - he's a Cumbrian farmer - 3rd or 4th generation. He also wrote A Shepherd's Life.  He went to Oxford Uni and is an advisor to UNESCO as well as running his sheep farm in Cumbria - he has a lot to say on the matter of how farms became industrialised and what it has done to soil quality and wildlife - let alone the costs to farmers themselves.

A vegetable bought in a supermarket can be 47 days old, chilled and carried from Spain or Morocco and chilled again - most are depleted of minerals which basically run our bodies and keep us fit and healthy. A while back they surveyed this and found that in the UK your average veg had 50% less mineral content than than that bought in the 1950s. I'd say it's less now.

However the WEF want farming reduced and for us to eat bugs - Insect patties already on the shelves in various supermarkets - we live in weird times.

Malcolm Blackmore
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Mon 15 May 2023, 22:19

Pasted below full text of an article I find terrifying - where have all the insects and creepy crawlies gone? When we moved here with toddlers 18 years ago the windows left open would result in walls covered in flying bugs. No more. I find it terrifies me...

If you…

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