Bike repairs

Aaron Atkin
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Wed 3 Jan, 23:28

Hi everyone, I thought I would tell you that I'm no longer running freedom cycles in Stonesfield but I am still doing bikes for a living just not under the name of Freedom Cycles. I went into business with my best mate back in august/September time. due to personal life changes I've had to part ways with the business. my best friend who's carrying on with the business is still doing bike repairs and services. I had to leave due to needing fulltime work. If my existing customers would still like me to service or repair their bikes please contact me on 07493949436. 

Many thanks Aaron.

Aaron Atkin
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Tue 3 Oct 2023, 09:41

Hi everyone, with the weather becoming wet please be aware that your bikes will need cleaning and lubrication a lot more. Also water and dirt will cause all components to wear slightly quicker. weve also done a major workshop renovation which makes are workshop alot more easier to work with and also a nicer place for customers to bring there bikes to us. feel free to pop down with your bike if you have any enquires please message me on 07493949436.

many thanks Aaron from Freedom cycles.

Aaron Atkin
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Mon 18 Sep 2023, 17:56

Hi everyone, with the weather becoming wet please be aware that your bikes will need cleaning and lubrication a lot more. Also water and dirt will cause all components to wear slightly quicker, if you'd like us to do a basic check please contact me on 07493949436.    Many thanks Aaron from Freedom Cycles.  

Aaron Atkin
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Wed 9 Aug 2023, 12:44

Hi everyone, I have expanded by joining Combe cycles. Still running from the same place in stonesfield. If any needs there bike serviced or any repairs please feel free to send me a message on here or contact me on 07493949436. Many thanks Aaron (freedom cycles). 

David Whittaker

Sat 22 Jul 2023, 18:49

Check out Ty Cycles in Chipping Norton. Always very helpful.

Aaron Atkin
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Fri 21 Jul 2023, 14:11

Hi everyone, with the summer holidays only just started. Make the time to go out on your bikes with the family. Any services or repairs I’m more than happy to help. Only downside is that I don’t drive. Feel free to send me an email on or send me a message on 07493949436. 

Many thanks Aaron (Freedom cycles). 

Emma Vickers
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Thu 20 Jul 2023, 21:23

 I had both my children’s bikes serviced and repaired by Aaron at Freedom cycles today. Such a good service and I thoroughly recommend him as well! It’s so good to have him so close to Charlbury.

Aaron Atkin
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Mon 3 Jul 2023, 16:35

Hi everyone, just letting you all know I have a few bikes for sale even with me doing my servicing and repairs. please feel free to contact me through email on or contact me on 07493949436. 

Many thanks Aaron (Freedom Cycles)

Father Clive Dytor
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Wed 28 Jun 2023, 17:46

Does anyone know of a good e bike services?

James Goad
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Wed 28 Jun 2023, 09:25

Another recommendation for Aaron at Freedom Cycles. Quick turnaround, great price and great work. Just given my bike a through run this morning and it’s running beautifully.

Aaron Atkin
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Mon 26 Jun 2023, 15:40

Hi everyone, I run freedom cycles in stonesfield and I’m always happy to take a look at your bike. It’s been a passion and hobby of mine for the past 15 years. Feel free to send me an email on

Kathryn Fairhurst
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Fri 23 Jun 2023, 21:47

We've had a couple of bikes serviced today by a new bike repair business at Callow Farm in Stonesfield 'Freedom Bikes' - really good and quick (same day servicing), good price, and helpful too. Contact Aaron on 07493 949436. 

Gareth Epps
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Wed 19 Apr 2023, 12:52

The Combe people visited and serviced my bike last year.  They were great to deal with.

Helen SanderWilliams
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Wed 19 Apr 2023, 12:23

Thank you very much Richard and Hans

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
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Wed 19 Apr 2023, 11:58

Apparently there’s now a mobile service based in Combe – I’ve not tried them. On Ya Bike come to Charlbury too.

If you can wheel your bike onto the train, Tony Harrison’s General Stores & Cycle Repair Shop is a short way from Hanborough station, while Broken Spoke Co-op and Warlands are very close to Oxford station; all three are excellent.

Hans Eriksson

Wed 19 Apr 2023, 10:31

It's very easy to remove the front wheel on the bicycle, and then put it in the car if it is a hatchback. Then take it to TY cycles in Chippy.

Helen SanderWilliams

Tue 18 Apr 2023, 15:57

Hello, can anyone recommend a bike repair person who comes to your home? My car is too small to transport the bikes which need a bit of help. Thank you. 

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