Dementia, ageing, or just forgetful + sleep help

Miles Walkden
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Thu 16 Mar 2023, 08:02

Thank you to those who contacted me about this. I'm not sure we will find a test that we can use individually for Dementia indicators. The only serious ones I managed to find were aimed at business, but I have contacted them and will push to see if we can get them in bulk for Charlbury if there is interest.

In the meantime, remember…

... that changes in memory are normal as we grow older. If you have the kind of issues dementia brings, they will likely be noticeable (in others especially).

... the headline 1 in 3 will get Dementia refers to people who are born today, so we are looking at expectations for 100 years from now.

... dementia is avoidable (to some, large, extent), so use your brain, especially after you retire (or better still, don't retire, just do something you love that is challenging).

... things are changing. We will understand, and be able to treat, dementia better in the coming years.

Miles Walkden
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Thu 9 Mar 2023, 11:51

I'm researching some products and services that claim to offer early identification (or more importantly, rule out worries) of dementia. I'd be interested if anyone would be interested in this?

Some thoughts here...

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