Misplaced aeroplane

Caspar Morris
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Tue 21 Mar, 21:28

A few years ago our fire station got called out to a plane crash that turned out to be this. 

Bit relieved on the way home 

Malcolm Blackmore

Tue 21 Mar, 19:05

Presumably it didn't "crash and burn". Or the re-enactment with .. err pig carcasses we hope? .... could be a mite grisly...

Birgit den Outer

Tue 21 Mar, 16:27

Phew - that explains it!

Ali Ross
👍 7

Tue 21 Mar, 11:28

The light aircraft that everyone's (hmm) been talking about, half hidden in the woods just outside Long Hanborough station, belongs to The Bushcraft Company. They run out-of-bounds courses for school kids and the plane is used for a rescue scenario. The teachers are presumed to have crashed and it's the kids' task to find them and get them to safety. I wonder how that works out?  

Ali Ross
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Wed 15 Mar, 13:57 (last edited on Wed 15 Mar, 14:25)

I swear I just saw a light aircraft lying among the trees in a wood next to the train tracks just the Oxford side of Hanborough. It seems unlikely and yet there it was. Am I hallucinating?

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