Pigeons under my panels

Malcolm Blackmore

Thu 16 Mar, 17:21

PSPP Ltd of Bedford evicted our Doves/White Pigeons a couple of years back. Seems having got the idea they've - the birds - been moving from house to house with solar panels. Ours were successful parents, the flock nearly doubled!

Phil Morgan

Wed 15 Mar, 14:41

Thanks all, very helpful. I'm on it!

Jim Holah

Tue 14 Mar, 16:57

Phil, we used this company   quick, neat & a good price


Covert Cottage, whitchurch Hill Reading Oxfordshire RG8 7PT

0330 133 1998www.Pestox.co.ukVAT Registration No.: 333523622

Ian Lewis
👍 1

Mon 13 Mar, 18:58

Used by a colleague:


Christine Battersby

Mon 13 Mar, 16:07

Phil: the link to the earlier discussion is here: https://www.charlbury.info/forum/7941#44341

Phil Morgan

Mon 13 Mar, 15:46 (last edited on Mon 13 Mar, 15:47)

For the past three years white pigeons (not doves) have been nesting underneath the solar panels on the back of my house on Sturt Road. 

To date they have been spectacularly unsuccessful with all the fledglings failing to fly from the site. I have so far buried six in my garden.

I recall that someone in Charlbury has recommended a solution to this. I think it was to do with netting around the perimeter of the panels to stop the critturs getting access. Can anyone advise on who I can get to do this for me? I wish them no harm but the death-rate is upsetting. 

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