Mink on Ditchley Road?

sarah routley
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Wed 15 Mar, 08:12

Hummm maybe I can’t complain about the mink eating my Koi carp😉

Rod Evans
👍 18

Sun 12 Mar, 00:35

I've always thought of an invasive species as one deliberately or accidently introduced by humans into an environment in which they have not evolved naturally over time - and in which it then thrives at the expense of those which have.  There are now countless examples, such as mink (often got started as a result of 'releases' from mink farms - they shouldn't have been here in the first place), American signal crayfish, grey squirrels, Japanese knotweed etc etc

All I'd ask Lesley and her supporters is, do you have any idea of the damage mink do to our 'native' wildlife?  Ah mean, comin' over 'ere, takin' our fish - and birds' eggs - and not to mention water voles (Ratty in WitW), now wiped out in large parts of the country because of mink predation...  So this is a plea to bring some objectivity to the discussion.

As for us humans - yes we've spread everywhere, with very mixed results.  But if we're a "nasty invasive species" - of which I hesitate to point out we are all members - where does that take us?  As the great Derek & Clive put it, who do we get in touch with??

Lesley Algar
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Sat 11 Mar, 16:20

I thought that was just humans, a nasty invasive species, who have the audacity to decide

what wildlife is vermin.

Malcolm Blackmore
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Sat 11 Mar, 12:32

Don't have any scruples about despatching mink with extreme prejudice if you can make a solid identity check - nasty invasive murderous species should be exterminated.

sarah routley
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Sat 11 Mar, 11:35

They haven’t found my pond for the last few years, but this is traditionally the time of year mink  eaten all my fish, to feed their babies I assume. That’s on ditchley road. I will be on my guard with my trusty dog 😂

Martin Ellis

Sat 11 Mar, 09:32

We have seen both mink and polecats in the area! Mainly lurking near rabbit warrens and our chickens 👎

Kim Sale

Sat 11 Mar, 08:50

It may well have been an otter, there is one locally.

Rachel Claridge

Sat 11 Mar, 08:14

I would say wider than a pole cat. Size of a big cat.

Andy Godfrey

Sat 11 Mar, 06:40

How big?  Could have been a Polecat.

Rachel Claridge

Fri 10 Mar, 19:37

Just driving up Ditchley Road and saw an otter like creature run through a garden and up towards Quarry Lane. Would this be a mink? 

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