Icy pavements

Brigid Sturdy

Thu 26 Jan, 21:13

The trouble with the left-hand pavement as one goes down Dyers Hill is the layer of fallen leaves from the adjoining hazel hedge, which becomes first trodden, then sodden, then frozen. If I lived nearer (feeble excuse) I would sweep or shovel them up in October or November. I think I once volunteered to do this if anyone cared to join me, but nobody took the suggestion up.

Mark Sulik
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Wed 25 Jan, 18:33

I often grit  ( When home working ) the pavement along Dyers Hill using the grit bin at the junction of Church Lane , and the slope of the road.  Roads not looking good either - separate post made 

Susie Finch
(site admin)

Wed 25 Jan, 11:43 (last edited on Wed 25 Jan, 11:43)

I was slipping and sliding when I caught the bus this morning.   Very dangerous and had to walk in the road as this was less icy than the pavement.  OK in Witney.

Emily Algar

Wed 25 Jan, 10:05

The path on the left handside down to the Station is incredibly slippery. The path on the right is safer or I would recommend walking in the road.

Miranda Higham
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Wed 25 Jan, 09:05 (last edited on Wed 25 Jan, 09:07)

I was about to post with the same warning. I nearly slipped twice outside my front door. On pavement and road and I had my sensible walking shoes on. Thin sheet of invisible ice. Never known it to be like it.

I turned round and went back in doors. Not worth the risk.

Alan Cobb
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Wed 25 Jan, 09:00

But you have to be able to get to the grit bins........

Gareth Epps
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Wed 25 Jan, 08:54

A morning for which the grit in the bins is made.

Alan Cobb

Wed 25 Jan, 08:48

Take care if you go out this morning - some pavements are extremely slippery

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