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Mon 23 Jan, 20:40

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Richard Fairhurst
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Mon 23 Jan, 20:40

Hi folks,

As you know the forum operates under a simple rule:

“The forum is not a virtual community, it's an online board for the real-life community of Charlbury. That's why you must post under your real name, not a pseudonym.”

It’s pretty obvious – people are more likely to behave civilly if they know they might bump into each other in the street the next day, and misunderstandings are less likely to arise if you know where the other person is coming from.

Lately we have a couple of people who have been enjoying starting/contributing to fights while posting under a pseudonym.

Please don’t. If you have a point to make, have the courage to make it under your own name. If you don’t want your opinions to be associated with your real name, maybe this isn’t the site for you.

I do know who the two most obvious bruisers really are. It would be really good if you could revert to posting under your real name (one of you already has an account under your real name, the other doesn’t). I don’t really want to have to get into a game of whack-a-mole nor do I want to have to publicly name anyone. So let’s just stop it here.

Thank you.

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