Defibrillators (AEDs)

Russell Ingham
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Tue 24 Jan, 22:49

Jill, at present there isn't one at the Community Centre but there are 5 in Charlbury. Two are owned by the town council: one on the wall at the Londis shop at Fiveways and one on the wall at the Medical Centre. Another is owned by and located at the Fire Station and one is owned by and located on the wall of the "Railway Children" nursery beyond the station on Forest Rd. The last one is owned and sits inside the lobby of "Little Monkeys" nursery opposite the R&C pub. All are 24/7 public access except (I believe) "Little Monkeys" which is generously public access but only available  during their opening hours. The easiest solution is to download the "Save a Life" free app. This will show every registered public access AED within  Oxon, Bucks, Berks, Hants. However, this ground breaking app will be succeeded by a national coverage app: "The Circuit" sometime this year.  You can download either app now but the "Circuit" does not show our local AEDs (as yet) though I am told that most of England is currently covered as under a government initiative it is currently being populated with defib data and so it becomes more comprehensive as time passes.  Finally, and just for completion: in a 999 call you should be asked if you have another helper present. If you have then the call handler will tell you (if it is deemed feasible for you to sensibly retrieve it) where your nearest defib is and, crucially, will tell you the code to unlock the cabinet. If you need more info then please contact me thro the web site.

Jill Petersen

Tue 24 Jan, 08:27

Great, thank you so much. The shows several. 

Miranda Higham
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Mon 23 Jan, 20:59 (last edited on Mon 23 Jan, 21:02)

Hello Jill, I think there’s one on the wall by the entrance to Charlbury Medical Centre 

Also try this finder

It says there is one by Fiveways Londis Store too

Emily Algar
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Mon 23 Jan, 20:58

There is one in the Community Centre and I believe one in the doctors.

Jill Petersen

Mon 23 Jan, 20:14 (last edited on Mon 23 Jan, 20:14)

Could someone please tell me where all of the local defibrillators (AEDs) are in town? I've just renewed my first aid training and would like to be sure I know where they are all located. Thank you.

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